eating egg raise cholesterol level ?

i’m 15
i’ve always been a fan of eggs for a lot time.
i have about 4-5 eggs every week ( not counting to eggs in cookie,butter,etc.)

will i have high cholesterol .
btw. no health insurance so i have no way to get blood test without paying big bucks

i also dont notice any wrong or sign of high cholesterol
118 lbs


  • konversedrake

    No, eating eggs will not raise your cholesterol level. A lot of people believe that eggs, or at least egg yolks, are bad for you for this exact reason. However, dietary cholesterol will not add anything to the cholesterol your body naturally produces. Total fat intake, especially saturated fat and trans fat, and genetics play a much larger role in blood cholesterol.

    So continue eating those eggs. As a great source of protein, they are good for you. Plus, at your age, height, and weight, I don’t imagine cholesterol being a major health issue.

  • Karen S

    ask your doctor.

    you may not have cholestrol now but it could come back to you later.

    cut down on eating the yolk.

  • No, eating eggs will not necessarily raise your cholesterol levels. It depends highly on your genetics. But at 15, I would not be worried about cholesterol unless you are very obese.

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