Can orange juice irritate your bladder?

I have been drinking a lot of orange juice lately. I have also been having to kept up to urinate several time during the night. I really like orange juice, but could it be causing my problem?


  • yes if you are drinking an excessive amount of orange juice it can effect you bladder…. know its boring best thing to have is a water… try cramberry juice this is soothing and good for kidneys

    however i would go to your doctors as this can be the first sign of Urinary tract infection (UTI)

    Symptoms differ, depending on whether the infection affects the lower (bladder and urethra) or upper (kidneys and ureters) parts of the urinary tract.

    The symptoms of lower urinary tract infection are dysuria (burning on passing urine), frequency (frequent need to pass urine) and urgency (compelling need to urinate). The urine can be cloudy with an offensive odour. In older men, generalised symptoms such as confusion and incontinence can be present. Urine infections are much commoner in the elderly, due to poor bladder emptying, an enlarged prostate, or incontinence associated with stroke or dementia.

    The symptoms of upper urinary tract infection are the same as lower tract symptoms plus loin (flank) pain, fever and chills. The patient is likely to be ill and might require hospital admission.

    The condition ranges from cystitis (a mild but distressing inflammation that is limited to the bladder) to severe infections of the kidney such as pyelonephritis (when the infection has reached the kidney tissue itself).
    Treatment depends on how and why the infection shows itself. Most patients respond rapidly to antibiotic therapy and are unlikely to have any other urinary tract abnormality.

    furthermore, UTIs are rare in men, so all cases require investigation. Prostatitis, the infection or inflammation of the prostate (a gland beneath the bladder that produces some components of semen), causes symptoms that can be mistaken for UTI in men.

    good luck hope this helps

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the acidity of it could be causing an irritation. You may also want to cut out drinks after about 7:00pm and in the meantime drink lots of water to flush your system.

  • orange juice is said to be harmless

  • luddite

    Yes, and your stomach. You should only drink one glass a day. Too much of anything is bad, particularly something as acidic as orange juice.

  • Pete V

    No, when it gets there, it’s called urine. It,s natural, drink less, especially one hour before bed-time.

  • sane_me

    it is possible for orange juice to cause bladder problems because of the acidity in it.i know women who will get cystitis(bladder infection)by drinking it but everybody is different.dont drink it for a few days and see if that stops your problem,best of luck

  • mystic me

    yeh it can, my sister had the same thing she stopped drinking so much and she was fine

  • Whoosher

    You are having trouble with your nethers, aren’t you Foxy?!

    Fresh orange juice is great, and you can count one glass of fruit juice towards your 5 daily portions of fruit & veg. What do you mean by ‘a lot’? You’re probably best to keep to one or two glasses a day. Any more could well cause acidity problems in your bladder. Make sure to drink plenty of water as well – we should be consuming a total of 1½-2 litres a day (including what’s present in your food & other drinks).

  • sarina

    yes it can i was told by my doctor not to drink orange juice coz i have ulcers

  • navawasbhemal

    yes . u should not drink it in excess quantity and not to go bed soon after drinking it.

  • Piero and primula

    Yes citrus fuits and citrus juices do affect the urinary system if you have urinary problems such as prostrate enlargement, bladder inflamation or urinary cystitis. Try to switch to cranberry juice made by Ocean Spray which is good for the urinary tract and is delicious. From what you say you could have a prostrate enlargement at the initial stage or prostatitis. Go to you GP for an examination and if you have either take Prostabrit which you can buy in Holland and Barret.

  • Andielep

    Possibly if it is from concentrate. Dilute it a little (obviously so that you can still taste it) or maybe have one glass at breakfast then drink water and de caf teas the rest of the day. And just eat whole oranges. Keep doin’ the vegetarian thing FHG!!

  • beckybocky

    Wow you seem to be the only vegetarian with lots of problems.

    Well drinking lots of anything will make you run to the loo every 2 seconds. Orange juice is very acidic so don’t drink so much of it in one day and don’t drink anything near bedtime. If you insist on drinking close to bedtime then have some Weetabix to see if that stops you having to get up during the night.

  • littlebluefeet

    orange juice is very acid which can upset your stomach not your bladder.reason that you may urinating during the night is because you’re drinking to much fluids before going to bed.

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