can cranberry juice help stop the burning sensation during urination?

i can’t find anything clear on it and i’m getting a little desperate
🙂 thanks for any help x


  • jcat ♥

    Cranberry juice or cranberry extract is an accepted NHS preventative for cystitis…see links below. But if you have a current infection you will need a course of antibiotics to clear that up so see your GP….don’t suffer needlessly. Be sure to take a good quality probiotic (capsule) alongside any antibiotics you take plus for at least a couple of weeks after you have finished your treatment….it would also be a good idea to continue with the probiotics longer your for well-being.

    more info on cranberry for recurrent cystitis…..

    Cranberry extract is more potent than juice and contains no sugar so is better for you. It should also bring some relief during an attack as well as help prevent further attacks. Cranberry contains a (non-digestible) sugar called D-mannose which helps to stop bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. Nettle tea may also help…..try drinking a couple of cups of unsweetened nettle tea each day.

    Use a small watering can, squeezy water bottle or jug and pour warm water over your genitalia whilst urinating and after urinating also. Wear only cotton undies and make sure they are not too tight. Avoiding tight jeans might also help.

    Best wishes.

  • Matt650

    From what I’ve heard, yes.


    only if you rub it in! 😉

  • claws

    Cranberry juice doesn’t stop burning it just helps in the prevention of some urine infections,as does drinking plenty of fluids, you need to see a GP for a proper diagnosis of your problem

  • Kray2k

    I heard that it can help with cystitis but if its burning then its prob best to see a doctor to be on the safe side

  • zdawg0

    I had burning sensation while urinating for almost 2 years. I got it checked out and everything always came out clear. But when I said enough is enough, made an appt with a urologist he suggested a Cytoscopy. Turned out all the burning was scar tissue growing in my urethra from probably trauma to that area. If the burning urination is coming from prostate/bladder issues, it will help.

  • Catherine W

    This sounds like cystitis, and yes, drinking cranberry juice can help.

  • Lovebug

    Be careful using cranberry juice for this, buy it in a health shop rather than a supermarket because it needs to be unsweetened otherwise it will feed the infection and make it worse. You would be best going to the doctor and getting antibiotics before you damage your kidneys or bladder.

  • Peace

    A burning sensation while urinating can be a sign of a bladder infection. In my experience, if I catch it early enough, cranberry juice will help. If the pain is bad, such as in your statement that your "getting a little desperate" go to a pharmacy and buy some AZO Standard – maximum strength which is what my MD’s office told me to buy. It turns your urine orange but it completely stops the burning pain. A lifesaver, while you wait for your doctor to get you in. If you take the AZO, be sure to get into your doctor office today or tomorrow, ASAP – bladder infections can spread to your kidneys and be life threatening. You probably need antibiotics to get well again. Good health to you.

    I just checked the AZO website & they have a $1 off coupon you can print out.

  • imissmahboo

    I swear by the stuff, I often get cran grape for the taste. You should also drink plenty of water while flushing your system. If I may recommend drink one to two glasses a week even when you feel better to help keep your urinary tract and kidneys clean. …..when I feel the need as you are I drink two cups a day one in the am and one in the evening, not all at once. My brother swears by drinking nothing but at his time of need though I don’t recommend.

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