Why are people so down on the Natural Remedies book just because the author(Kevin Trudeau) was a felon?

Yeah, so he was a felon.. so what? The stuff in his books arent things he made up. In fact, if you pick up one of his books he sites the sources (which are real doctors from all over the world) who believe these treatments. In america we have all been brainwashed to believe that only the "medical" doctors can help us with all their drugs.. but thats crap. I have been seeing an herbal medicine doctor for 11 years. For 16 years I suffered from migraines. He gave me a little bottle of some herb (it was 11 years ago, I dont remember what) and I haven’t had one since. I read thru trudeaus book and havent found anything I couldn’t find research to back up. People who are in denial that natural cures work have been brainwashed by society. They may take longer to work, but that’s because they actually work, they don’t mask the symptom. Think about it, you take asprin for a headache..why? Is an asprin deficiency causing it? You mask the symptom, but never cure the cause.
From what I gathered what the book said was that viruses could be cured. And before anyone says it, it also says that the sun doesn’t cause skin cancer. And this has been proven over and over. All the crap we put in our bodies causes skin cancer. Thats why people who live in warm climates, out in the sun, in other countries don’t get it nearly as often. They don’t stop at McDonalds every day. They eat healthy and that keeps their bodies healthy, which keeps their skin cells healthy.


  • reginachick22

    I agree North Americans in general are eating horribly, not exercising enough, overweight, and using too many unneeded Rx meds. However, no one needs a book to tell us that.

    Fact is, while this book may work for people who have "benign" (non life-threatening) conditions like headaches, rashes, or are otherwise healthy, there is nothing here that can cure all the diseases he claims he can.

    Most people with serious diseses KNOW they may or will die without treatment, so why would they take the risk? I know if I had breast cancer I would rather have the tumour removed as opposed to taking an unproven herb for months in hopes that it *may* have any effect.

    In fact, people with serious diseases DID die prior to modern medicine. Surgery, antibiotics, medication, and vaccines have saved many lives. Perhaps your own parents were spared from polio due to modern medicine. Perhaps antibiotics have saved you from a deadly infection.

    I think the people who are REALLY brainwashed are the people who don’t see ANY of the good in Western Medicine and think that a $150/vial unproven natural "remedy" or $20 book will cure all of society’s diseases.

    P.S. That guy has NO understanding about health, medicine, or science.

    Viruses constantly mutate and spread like wild fire. If we could even cure 1 strain, 500 new mutations would reproduce themselves within the hour.

    Second, people who live in "hot climates" near the equator get tons of sun exposure, yes, BUT THEY TEND TO HAVE MUCH DARKER SKIN!!!! Although people with dark skin can get skin cancer, the risk is much higher in the light skinned. I’m sure the cases of skin cancer in white people in that same area are quite high, it’s just that they make up a small portion of the population.

    We all need to live healthy and take care of ourselves. There is a time and place for natural preventative medicine. But someone unqualified like Trudeau should not be falsely claiming he has conqured complex diseases in his propaganda book.

    Because he is uneducated and probably KNOWS he is wrong or misguided, he is out to scam the public. His target audience isn’t healthy people, it’s the desperately sick and dying people looking for a miracle.

  • pajamapants59

    i am not even gonna read all of your novel. i am only going to say not all felons are creeps. i am a felon and i just made a bad choice, good people are capable of doing bad things thats all.

  • mnvikes

    yeah he supports his stuff with research and statements by MDs, but off of BS research and statements by doctors who live deep in left field. i mean the guy claims AIDs is caused by poor nutrition and not a virus…. and i cant remember a lot of the other stuff but i read through his first book and there was a ton of stuff that was just flat out wrong. and i didnt see any cures, i just saw a bunch of blank pages and ranting that the FDA wouldnt let an unqualified idiot give medical advice to others. hes a scam artist out to make a quick buck, period.

  • aspirit

    You have to trace the problem back to the 1930’s. When the AMA and its nazi laws were being established. Do some research in google about Jethro Kloss and why they made it illegal to publish his book. Thats where it all started.

  • doowopper

    i can see that you are a natural health fan as i am. i bought his book and in my opinion he is a crackpot. his railings against the FDA are mostly accurate since i have fought the FDA my whole life but his info about health is from left field. there are a hundred other alternative medical doctors researchers and scientists that i trust more than this bag of trash.i have studied and practiced natural health for 43 years now since J I Rodale and this crap from Trudeau is mostly fantasy and would you buy a used car from a felon, after all he is just a felon?

  • pascal s

    it does not matter who wrote the book it matters if it is proven that it is the right stuff from studies that fda do not approve off . because big companies make more than enough but greed always potential for more power. so if you belive in natural go for it i do.

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