Vegan, Vegetarian, and Cholesterol Levels.?

Is it possible to have perfect cholesterol if you’re not a vegan/vegetarian? I went to get my cholesterol level checked and my result was perfect cholesterol. I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian. Is that possible or did go wrong?


  • Yes! Mine is more than perfect. I have low LDL levels and high HDL levels. When they add my ‘numbers’ I have ‘high’ cholesterol but it’s not my bad cholesterol that is spiking the numbers, it’s my good which my doctor says is extremely good and amazing. I eat primal btw. I use to eat vegan and it was quite the opposite. I ate ‘healthy’ with the help of my nutritionist but my LDL was high and my HDL was low. It was the first time in my life I was told that I needed to lower my cholesterol. Even now I don’t need to lower it as my good cholesterol is high and my bad is low. So no nothing went wrong and it is very possible to have perfect cholesterol levels when not vegan or vegetarian.

    Also let me elaborate on the ‘high’ part. There are two different high cholesterol. When you generally hear of high cholesterol it’s generally referring to the bad one pulling your numbers up. I’m one of the only ones my doctor has ever tested where it’s the opposite. My total number is in the low high levels but only because of my good cholesterol. Not many people can brag about that and it’s a good thing too 🙂

  • raalei

    It just means you are healthy. Congrats.
    I’m vegetarian and eat healthy, but have genetically high cholestoral.
    I’m going to guess you don’t eat a lot of red meat though.

  • barbara

    "Perfect cholesterol" isn’t really medical terminology. We would say within normal or optimal range.
    Of course it’s possible. Research seems to indicate that your DNA matters as much or more than what you eat. And if your diet is low in saturated fat and rich in fruits, veggies and whole grain you should be good.
    Vegans and vegetarians can eat an unhealthy diet too. Potato chips and chocolate cake are vegetarian. Vegetable oils can be hydrogenated and become saturated.

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