Should I still be worried about my colon health?

I’ve been experiencing rectal bleeding/mucus for almost five months. I had a colonoscopy today and the doctor explained that I had inflammation (ulcerative proctitis), but nothing else that she could see. She also explained that she went all the way up to the small intestine, taking five biopsies. Because she couldn’t see anything, does that mean I am immediately free of health concern? Or could something come back on the biopsy?


  • adam/penny

    yea, you have to wait for those results.

  • Harrald

    It is common for a Gastroenterologist to take biopsies at various spots in your intestines. Some spots in your intestines can look suspect through the camera lens of the colonoscope, so the doctor is just doing her job to eliminate any suspictions. The colonoscopy looks well for polyps that could be malignant which may explain the biopsies. There are two other conditions the doctor may have already checked are diverticulosis and diverticulitis that can be harmful and usually express pain in the lower, left abdomen. You may consider increasing your daily fiber content by 50% just to move digested food through faster. Muscle contractions move digestived food at a specified speed, but can be slowed or increased as it passes through your intestines. I have been waiting three weeks for news from an MRI, and my doctor has not yet notified me. I assume the MRI is negative, so I understand your wanting to know about your colonoscopy. The federal governemt has a website just for digestive disorders and diseases from A to Z. Go to and click on A to Z and read about the above mentioned conditions so you will not worry. Read about the disorders and diseases that brought you to getting a colonoscopy. Bookmark the website for future reference. I am a Vet, and the VA hospital gives me a colonoscopy every 10 years.


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