Is high cholesterol bad?

I have high cholesterol. High LDL. I’m 35 pounds over weight and my Doc want to give me a statin drug because he said high cholesterol can result in a heart attack blah blah blah and so one. However look at the side effect of a statin is increased cortisol which mean increased stress, Alzheimers is common and cancers.

So which one is worse? A statin or high cholesterol.

LDL doesnt seem bad. Its just a transfort of cholesterol to areas in my body that are stressed out and need to be repaired because of diet and stress. So if I reduce this LDL and cholesterol wont I just be accumulating more stress.

A good example of what I saying is that all fires come with firefighters and the bigger the fire in my case the more firefighter I’ll need. So isnt it natural and good that my Cholesterol is high? The Doc wants me to get rid of firefighters when their is still a huge fire…IDK about this?

What should I do???


  • cholesterol because it causes a fattty build up in veins which then block and cause a heart attack. With Statin you may get increased stress however when the cholesterol levels fall you can come off the drug and your body will recover – provided youve changed your diet

  • sunshine

    yeah that is bad. and probably both? eat a healthy diet that includes wholegrain, so muesli or porridge for breakfast, fresh fruit for snacks, homemade soup and wholegrain bread for lunch or salad, or jacket potato. dinner can be steamed vegetables and grilled chicken or fish or steak. 🙂 good luck

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