If strawberries taste so nice, how come strawberry juice is horrible?


  • Rebekah

    Perhaps because most fruit juices have excessive amounts of sugar added in, plus preservatives.

  • misteramara

    Hmm, I reckon that much of the flavour (particularly the sweetness) must be in the flesh, not the juice, which is quite bitter on it’s own. But I’m guessing.

  • Minna V

    Is it? I’ve never thought about making juice from strawberries. Strawberry sauce is good, why would juice be bad? Maybe you need to add sugar?

  • haha good question. I would have to say the sugar could be a factor.

  • ZKraus

    its probably not pure strawberry juice. they put tuns of crapy chemicals.

  • emy K

    look first i guess that strawberry juice tastes nice but not horrible i guess they put some artficial stuff or put alot of sugar?

  • Arsenal

    When I make a juice drink from fresh strawberries, it is absolutely delicious and my favourite fruit. From tins, it is syrupy and if in juice, the juice tastes nothing like juicing fresh fruit.

  • mickey

    hi my name is mikey
    because its concentrated

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