if anybody has tried the colon cleanse thing, please give your results…?

I heard people say you will lose weight ?



  • Vital Force

    Yes, I tried the colon cleanse thing.

    For me, colon cleansing was a very positive experience. I had finally opened my mind up to it because I had many challenging health problems. I could not believe that colon cleansing with a good product could bring dramatic health improvements. http://www.healthbanquet.com/colon-cleanse.html

    I am grateful I was not a blockhead for too long, did my research and picked a great colon cleansing product to do the job.

    On my get well journey, after I really then delved into this colon cleansing business, I realized just how critical the health of your colon is to the entire body. Though I did not do a colon cleanse to lose weight, many people do report the loss of weight through cleansing.

    Do your research and pick well – it will be a real positive for your health.


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