Fat/Cholesterol in beef tendons?

Does anyone know if beef tendons have high fat & cholesterol? If yes, how high? Thank you.



Lowering Cholesterol does nothing to prevent heart attacks


  • guyster

    It doesn’t have fat in it, and pretty sure no cholesterol either (or very little). It’s just connective tissue.

    FYI, I hope you realize that dietary cholesterol is no longer linked to blood cholesterol. In other words, it’s safe to EAT cholesterol. You just don’t want to eat the kinds of foods that cause a rise in cholesterol. And even then, it’s the HDL / LDL ratio that is more important than the actual cholesterol level itself. So eat your eggs.

    Also, if you google "What if it’s all been a big fat lie?" for a fascinating article that debunks the idea that fat is bad for you.

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