Enlarged thyroid but normal blood tests?

I’m 19 years old girl and recently I have noticed my enlarged thyroid gland. I have this swelling for about a year now.
So, about a week back I went for blood tests (tsh, t3, t4) which doctor asked me to get done and my reports came out to be normal. He again asked me to get the same tests done from another lab saying that he thinks I have hyperthyroidism. Also he said if again reports came out to be normal then I might have anxeity attacks. But what enlarged thyroid had to do with anxeity attacks?
My heart rate was 100bpm and also I have shaky hands and palpitation at times.

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  • Jonah

    He’s probably wrong.

    High levels of thyroid hormone cause high resting pulse rate, a full body tremor, and they can also cause severe anxiety. They also tend to cause weight loss.

    High levels of thyroid hormone most often happen with a disease called Grave’s Disease, which you don’t have- the levels in your blood would definitely not come back normal, and the onset would not take a year.
    They also can happen with subacute thyroiditis – sometimes while the thyroid is under attack and people are developing hypothyroidism they briefly have periods of high thyroid hormone levels. It is possible that you have had subacute thyroiditis as part of another thyroid condition and that the levels had just recently passed into the normal range.

    Pretty much all thyroid conditions can cause an enlarge thyroid, but about half of people with an enlarged thyroid do not have any thyroid hormone level abnormalities.

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