Does anybody know anything about colon cleansing? Or has tried a specific pill?

I’ve heard that you should do a colon cleanse 1-2 times per year. About 3-4 years ago the doctor told me I had IBS with constipation, he wanted me to take this powder that was spendy and didn’t do anything. I stopped taking it and just accepted that I was constipated all the time. I would be in extreme pain from it. Well about 7 months ago they found cancer in my dad’s colon. They think they got it all and he has been through chemo. That’s when I realized how important it is that I do something about my IBS and that it wasn’t healthy to be sooo backed up. I started to treat it myself. Eating Fiber One bars, drinking extra water, eating lots more fruit and just eating better in general. This has gotten me to be regular. My thing is if normal people have toxins in their colon and body then I know I have A LOT. If I could go back I wouldn’t have let my IBS get so out of control. Does anybody have any recommendations on Colon Cleanse pills. I’ve been googling it for a few weeks and my head is spinning with all the products and reviews out there!


  • MisterTattiePie4U

    Your Colon does not need help cleansing it’s self other than eating a healthy high fiber diet. Even when you don’t eat especially well, your colon is very efficient at keeping it’s self going. In fact, some of the so called "cleansing" treatments can be quite harmful to your body. Stay clear of the woo woo that comes from the so called "health food" movement, there’s nothing healthy in that crazy stuff.

  • Gary Y

    You don’t have ‘toxins’ in your colon, and colon cleansing is bogus.

    "The symptoms that are attributed to auto-intoxication—headache, fatigue, loss of appetite and irritability—are actually caused by mechanical distention within the bowel, such as irritable bowel syndrome, rather than toxins from putrefying food. The benefits anecdotally attributed to colon cleansing are vague and the claims made by manufacturers and practitioners are based on a flawed understanding of the body. There is little evidence of actual benefit to the procedure, and no evidence that it can alleviate the symptoms that are attributed to the theories of colon cleansing. No surgeries, autopsies or other observations of colons have discovered any evidence of compacted feces or other evidence to support the theory of auto-intoxication or the need for colon cleansing."

    EDIT: Sabrina, thanks for the link. Unfortunately it seems you have fallen for a scam. There is no such thing as mucoid plaque.

    "No gastroenterologist has ever encountered one in tens of millions of endoscopies, and no pathologist has ever found one during an autopsy. They do not exist until you take such a pill to form them. The pill creates the very condition that it claims to cure. And the results are so graphic and impressive that no victim would ever think to argue with the claim."

    "Practicing physicians have dismissed the concept of mucoid plaque as a hoax and a "non-credible concept". A pathologist at the University of Texas School of Medicine addressed Anderson’s claims directly, saying that he has "seen several thousand intestinal biopsies and have never seen any ‘mucoid plaque.’ This is a complete fabrication with no anatomic basis." Another pathologist, Edward Friedlander, has noted during his experience that he has never observed anything resembling a "toxic bowel settlement" and that some online photographs actually depict what he recognises as a blood clot. Commenting on claims that waste material can adhere to the colon, Douglas Pleskow, a gastroenterologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, stated "That is the urban legend. In reality, most people clear their GI tract within three days."

    In a review of websites promoting products that claim to remove ‘mucoid rope’ or plaque from consumers’ intestines, Howard Hochster of New York University wrote that these websites are "abundant, quasi-scientific, and unfortunately convincing to a biologically uneducated public." He noted that although such sites are entertaining, they are disturbing in that they promote a belief that has no basis in physiology.

    Hochster also noted that a preparation marketed to remove mucoid plaque contains laxatives and bulky fibrous ingredients. Thus, the ropy residue expelled from people who consume this product "certainly is a result of the figs and senna in this preparation," rather than any sort of pathologic ‘plaque’.

    Other ‘colon cleanser’ products contain bentonite clay that, when ingested, would also result in production of bulky stools."

  • sabrina s

    I’ve worked in a health food store for many years and have a lot of experience with Cleanses. There are a lot of products out there and it is hard to make a decision. I’ve been cleansing for many years, I do them 2 times a year and I recommend customers do the same. We don’t eat a diets that support cleansing regularly and the colon gets impacted so it is good to relieve such burden.

    Two that I recommend are:
    1) Renew Life’s- Cleanse Smart
    2) Natures Way- Thistlyn Mineral Cleanse

    and Gary Y here’s a website for you

  • Mantra

    We are all scared of excrement. It smells and looks bad. It is thus easy for people to think that this stuff is toxic. The reason its smells is because nature wants you to dump it somewhere where you won’t touch it and contaminate your living and eating space. Similarly, marketeers have latched onto this fear of feces and created al kinds of products that aren’t really necessary.

    In terms of getting rid of "toxins", it’s not the colon that does most of the work anyhow. The biggest part of the body associated with getting rid of unwanted matter is the skin and after that the lungs. Keep your skin health. Swim naked in the sea. Have air baths. Learn how to do deep cleansing breathing (meditation or yoga class). This will take a load off your bowel. Drink lots of clean water which is the best bowel cleanser ever.

  • Flizbap

    Detox pills, and detoxification and cleansing in general, are neither useful nor necessary unless you have had long-term narcotic use or are chronically constipated. Detoxification and cleansing has no proven medical benefits for the average person whatsoever. It will NOT help you lose any significant amount of fat. Your intestines are clean unless you use large amounts of muscle relaxers, or have serious digestive tract illness.

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