Does anybody actually pay attention to health professionals?

Seriously. I see all of this B.S. on this site alone asking about how to lose pounds overnight and what fad diet worked and what foods they should never touch again. Anyone who went through a high school health course should know that they have to balance out their diet properly – most of your diet HAS to be complex carbs, a very small precent has to be protein, and the rest should be fruits and vegetables with the occasional sweet.

Even reading articles like this: – which just got posted on the front of yahoo!, would help educate many of the people on this site. So why don’t they talk to their doctors or nutritionists to get the facts?! It bothers me so much to see so many unhealthy people on this website!

BTW: My mother is a doctor. I went through a life changing process in terms of diet/lifestyle five years back. I lost twenty pounds, I have never put it back on. I am a healthly young woman who knows her stuff.


  • Optimum Physique

    I commend you on taking the time to educate yourself about your health, and paying attention in health class. I really do.

    The problem is that we have become a society of "want it now" or "instant gratification", and not many people WANT to take the few minutes a day that it would take to learn about their bodies, health, eating correctly, etc.

    This goes out to everyone. Before you take ANYONES advice at face value, double check to make sure you do not hurt yourself.

    I am a certified personal trainer and have been involved in fitness and bodybuilding for 17 years. Even with the knowledge I have, I still encourage people to verify what I say by taking a few minutes to see if what I said was true. It is your body.

    Also, why are so many (especially young girls) people asking about these crazy diets. DIETS DONT WORK because you are doing nothing to make permanent changes to your body composition or metabolism. You may lose weight, especially lean muscle tissue (which is bad). When you get off that diet, which you will, because your body will make you get off due to insufficient nutrients, you will bounce back with even more weight gained, especially body fat.

    Eat sensibly and healthy and get some exercise. Give up one tv show and get moving, be fit.

    Good topic.

  • Pegasus90

    I went to an endocrinologist, at $200/hr, not through insurance. I listened! While I haven’t done it all (she and I do not agree on everything), I am following most of her advice.

  • spongebobrogers

    Mostly, no. While some people do pay attention, many people simply ignore the advice of licensed health pros. I get very aggrivated when patients argue that vitamins,etc are not good for them. I explain nothing is good for you if you eat a bottle of it. I am a dental hygienist and my mother is a nurse. We got stories to last lifetimes.

  • Miami Lilly

    It doesn’t bother me to see unhealthy people on this website, because the fact is, they’re here asking questions, which means they have an interest in becoming healthy. Why they don’t research it themselves, I can’t answer. Maybe they want someone to tell them what they want to hear.."Go can eat Krispy Kremes, and you’ll still lose weight"..who knows. Maybe they want to hear stories from people that at one point, were where they are now, and what worked for them, so they can feel more confident that they can do it too.

    What upsets me even more are the amount of teen girls, and lately, teen guys, asking questions about how to make themselves throw up, laxatives, ipecac syrup…and the bigger idiots that guide them through the process.

  • jackmatt

    I agree that so many are obsessed with finding a magic pill that sheds the pounds when I know (as a nurse myself) that the best way is a lifestyle change meaning diet & exercise. However, I am slightly overweight myself & just lack motivation to do what I know is the best way to lose weight & keep it off as well as to be healthy.

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