Are all natural products good for you?

If so what all natural products like makeup are inexpensive and easy to get a hold off? I am trying to go all natural this year it seems refreshing.


  • Lucy the Elite

    Many natural products are deceptive, they list all natural but still contain many of the toxic chemicals. In fact, there is much push in legislation by these companies to not have to list certain toxic chemicals if they are not main ingredients. Some companies list an item organic but maybe only the main ingredient is organic, its getting very deceptive.

    Most times the cheap natural cosmetics are not always truly natural. To find a cosmetic that also is effective (many natural cosmetics wear off easily) also adds into the price.

    Ecco Bella is a natural but somewhat costly line

    Dr. Hauschka is natural but very expensive

    Your best bet is to go to your local health food store or coop and look through the clearance items in the beauty department. All you need is a nice lipstick, blush, eyeliner and maybe some eyeshadow. (If you have bad skin, perhaps then some concealer/foundation and some powder).

    But if you also keep a natural diet (vegetable based – shopping at your local farmers market) and plenty of defluoridated and dechloridated water you will have a good base.

    Also for natural skin care, try a diluted apple cider vinegar, 50/50 with water (saturate a cotton ball with some ACV and then some water and gently wipe the face) and for a moisturizer, use some extra virgin coconut oil (I keep my main bottle in the fridge). For the occasional zit, use a qtip and dunk it in 3% hydrogen peroxide and apply to the zit a few times a day. It will usually dry it out within one to two days.

  • ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥

    Just like everything else, anything in excess is not good. Natural Makeup. Check with a health food/supplement store.

  • No.

    Many natural things are poisonous or/and cause cancer. Take your pick from turpentine (from pine trees) Tea Tree oil (dangerous when swallowed), arsenic, dozens of poisonous mushrooms, plants, spiders, insects, wood smoke etc, the list goes on. Also, some products can be contaminated during production so that even relatively safe products like some herbs may contain heavy metals due to the way they’ve been grown/processed.

    Make sure you check the ingredient list with any product (and watch out they don’t just put the latin name to try and fool you!)

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