advice on drinks for 8months plus?

can i put any cordial in my 8months old son’s water as he used to drink loads water but his not even taking no more than 4-5oz a day, we gave him cordial in his water at 6months he loved it but we was told no cos he doesn hydrate them. but now his 8months can i re put him back on cordial (of course not all through the day) i would prefer him to drink water but his just not drinking enough.
me and my partner was told he is spose to drink at leasst a litre of water a day whether its in his drink or milk, but seeing as my son is only on one bottle pf 9oz milk a day as he refuses to taake more we have to give him alot more water but he refusing that too


  • Elenas Mummy :)

    my daughter wouldnt drink plain water either, so the best thing I found was pure juice (not from concentrate) watered right down. She like apple juice and I water it down 1 juice to 10 water or weaker and make sure I clean her teeth twice a day

  • barnzy

    yes u can or u can buy baby juice but that is v costly normal squash is fine both my babies have it

  • janey h

    my son who is now 21 months wouldnt drink water! i tried so hard in between feeds etc from a young age! so i started giving him cordial! but sugar free kind! which is fine!! at least your baby wont get dehydrated!! even now he has sugar free orange in his beeker which is completlely fine! so yes you carry on! as only mums know best!! XXXXX

  • tractorsturnmeon

    Personally, it’s okay if your baby isn’t drinking a lot of water right now. My daughter is 10 months old and gets her milk and her formula, she doesn’t drink a lot of water either, but she is as healthy as can be 🙂

  • madge f

    don’t give him cordial. Get pure blackcurrant juice but water it down


    I wouldn’t say ‘normal’ sqash is fine! It either has sugar or sweetener in, both have implications. Sugar rots babies’ teeth and sweetner has been blamed for all sorts from digestive problems to cancer! What is he drinking from? the best is a straw as this lets less of the liquid meet his teeth, so reduces contact time. make sure you are brushing his teeth as soon as he has some through! I used to get Boots flavoured baby water, which had no sugar or sweeteners in- just natural extracts.
    Dilute sqash far more for a baby than for other children and for them more than an adult. I had a cup that had a curve in bottom to show how little to put in when full of water – that was really helpful – and it wasn’t much at all!!

  • Emma'sMommy TTC

    Not sure what cordial is?
    I looked it up:
    1. A stimulant; a tonic.
    2. A liqueur.
    Is this what you are refering to? Of course not! Try a splash of no sugar juice (like an ounce to three ounces of water)

  • nowayfrog

    Water comes from many sources. If your son is still drinking breast milk he’s almost certainly hydrating enough. If he is drinking formula or milk that needs to be considered in his fluids.

    Watered down juice is alright but as a general rule if he’s peeing 4-8 wet diapers a day and is generally not having trouble pooping he’s probably getting enough water and you don’t need to introduce the sugars of cordial or juice.

  • All I give my 9 month old daughter is juice (apple, pear, white grape, etc.) mixed with water once a day. Other than that, she just drinks her formula.

  • meme3

    I’m not sure why your little one needs to drink lots of water. If he is drinking his formula regularly, then he shouldn’t need more than the 4-5 oz of water he is already drinking. Anything with sugar is not helping. If the cordial was not hydrating him before, why would you give it to him now? Really, a baby just needs fluids. That could be formula or watered down juices. I’m in no way criticizing your choices, just trying to understand them. Best wishes.

  • carebear

    It is better to just use plain water. If he drinks 5ozs a day that is plenty for his age. Don’t get him used to the sugar in juices. Only water and milk. He has the rest of his life to eat junk. Give him a healthy start.

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