ADD/ADHD, thyroid disorders and fibromialgia?

Has anyone done a research on links to fibromialgia and ADD/ADHD, or fibromialgia and thyroid disorders? I was recently diagnosed, and have ADD and have hypothyroidism, and was interested to know if there was a study that I haven’t found yet.


  • fibro and having an underactive thyroid is associated. Some doctors believe that those who have fibro, also are hypothyroid. I am hypothyroid and I have had fibro symptoms, which are now resolved since switching to Armour.

    It’s possible that those who are diagnosed with ADD have an undiagnosed thyroid condition. The really only way to find out is for them to kep getting yearly thyroid tests. I’ve found symptoms of hypothyroidism show up long before its reflected in the bood work.

  • kittywink

    have not heard of a study. Personally know several people with Fibromyalgia and none have thyroid problems or ADD/ADHD. Including me. I don’t think ‘they’ know what triggers it yet.

  • Sandi Beach

    I saw an ad on TV for fibromyalgia called MYFIBROSTUDY>

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