acne remedies?

i have tried all the prescriptions and over the counter stuff ( proactive,clean and clear, clearisil etc) everything.
i want to try a more natural approach.
i am currently using tea tree oil and i have seen an improvement in the last 2 months since i started using it, but im not completly clear.
what i want to know is, does any one know of any NATURAL remedies that would work, or any NATURAL products in a health food store?

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  • well these will sound weird but they work…

    1 you could try is making a paste of coffe grounds and witch hazel with some clean n clear lotion, rub it on and let it dry, then wash it off.

    2 you can put toothpaste on a zit and it will dry out

    3 you can use honey then wash off with some acne cleanser

    these will only work if you keep doing them like every day or every other day they are not just a one time thing.

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