which is 'better' puking or using laxatives?

both damaging i know, both a form of bulimia – but if you had to say which is healthier and why?
better as in less damaging..


  • joe714

    daily puking involves getting to taste what you ate plus the gastric juices plus cleaning your teeth of puke .
    that’s mental health damage to me.
    i’d choice death by laxatives over PUKE.

  • Sad Ugly Girl

    using laxatives would be a better choice
    puking,throwing up messes up your inside of your stomach
    what are you trying to do? lose weight ?

  • the_last_nugget

    put down the fork and step away from it

  • irockmiami


  • Jazmyne

    Not to be rude but neither stupid. Choosing to puke your life away or sh*t your life away has pretty much the same health dangers and I don’t suggest either.. knowing girls these days I doubt your even fat … smh -_-

  • Well, excessive puking can lead to an esophagus rupture which causes death, and laxative abuse causes you to look pregnant and probably messes up your intestines, plus all the calories from the food are absorbed into the body before the laxatives take action. So, neither. They’re both pretty terrible.

  • Wulfgar

    We’ll both are not good. But puking can sometimes tear the throat. And you can bleed to death really. K

  • David

    this is like choosing between a firing squad, or hanging for an execution.

  • Stephy B.

    My beautiful, younger step sister is currently trying to recover my Anorexia/Bulimia. It started three years ago when she turned twelve. Something in her brain made her feel fat, although she was NEVER fat. The first year she exercised vigoursly and ate "healthy". (Cup of white rice, chicken breast, and steamed veggies for supper.) Eventually we all realized she was starting to look a little sickly. Her bones were jutting out in awkward angles. Her face was sunken in. Her mother (my step mom) was worried so she took her to the hospital. They immediately sent her to the city. Her heart rate was dropped so low, she was close to dying. That is not the only time she came close to death. These past couple years she had to reside in a mental institute for young teenagers with problems such as suicide, drug abuse, or in her case, Anorexia.

    Finally, year 2012, our little Amanda is coming back to the real world. Or at least we hope she means it this time. You have no idea how badly she tore apart our family. Almost everyone went down a rough path around the same time she did. I cried for her many times.

    Do you really want to do that to your family? If you want to lose weight, just do it the proper way. Exercise daily, eat healthy, but don’t take your diet so damn seriously! It’s okay to have a little fat on your body. Humans need it. Just keep that in mind.

    And to answer your question, they’re both equally as unhealthy. Hopefully my answer helps you realize what you’re planning on doing to yourself.

  • 바보-바보♡

    I guess laxatives are healthier, but why would someone do that? Bulimia really messes up your body more than you know, I swear. Is it worth dying to be skinnier?

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