What are some healthy foods or health food products good for oral health?

Not necessarily looking for a natural remedy for a toothache or anything specific, just wondering if there’s any supplements or even foods that promote good oral health, healthy teeth, etc?


  • Good oral health requires adequate calcium in your diet, and many people don’t get enough. So try to include low-fat milk, yogurt, etc. Also, calcium is absorbed much more readily if you are also getting plenty of vitamin D, so you want to make sure that you are getting that as well.

    But mostly, oral health depends on keeping stuff *away* from your teeth. Acidic drinks (orange juice, sodas, etc.) and food particles are the enemy of good oral health. Hardly anyone brushes for long enough (at least two full minutes, and at least twice a day), and not enough people floss every day. If you do both of those things, that’s more important than any supplement you could take.

  • Ekbar

    tomato, apple,orange etc

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