THS thyroid test results?

If my TSH test came back normal, It is 1.9, why would my doctor have me taking thyroid meds? He won’t talk to me, and is out of state also without a backup doctor so I just was wondering if anyone would help me.


  • KY Physician

    sorry angel but there are some conditions for which thyroid supplementation is indicated even if you have a normal TSH, for instance if you are trying to suppress the growth of a goiter, you give thyroid hormone until the TSH level is almost undetectable to keep the body from stimulating the already enlarged thyroid gland to grow.

    that said, the asker needs to insist that her doctor explain her diagnosis and the reason she is on the medicine. if he wont, then get another opinion.

  • Angelbunny17

    Hi. I have Thyroid disease and a TSH of 1.9 is normal. You need to go to another doctor who knows something about Thyroid problems. It’s dangerous to take Thyroid medication if that’s not what you really have.

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