• Soymilk does not contain cholesterol since it comes from a vegetable, and only animal products contain cholesterol. Yep, french fries do not contain cholesterol if fried on vegetable oil.

    If you want to lower yours by dieting, you should reduce your intake of saturated fats. Those fats are used by your body to produce cholesterol. That’s why french fries, rich in sat fats, increase your cholesterol.

    There are a few other things to do, like exercising, seeking help from a physician, etc.

  • ok that’s interesting. Now what’s your question?

  • mermaid

    Soya milk contains virtually no cholesterol or fat.

  • Charlie

    Soy milk contains absolutely no cholesterol. Only food from animals contains cholesterol.

  • MamaLuna

    There is no cholesterol in soy milk in fact it has been shown to lower ones cholesterol.

  • O.E.C.

    Coconut fats are pretty much pure saturated fat and do not affect blood cholesterol. In fact, they are nothing but healthy in their raw/virgin form.

    Eggs are heavy in cholesterol and do not affect ‘blood cholesterol’ in the 99.XX% of the population which lack the ‘early death’ (heart disease) gene. That is because there is no link to dietary cholesterol intake and blood cholesterol levels in these type people. Normal people’s body (on healthy whole-food diets) have the ability to self-regulate their own cholesterol production to maintain healthy levels and adjust production based on dietary intake of it.

    I eat a diet that is higher in natural/unaltered whole-food fats (including natural saturated) and virtually devoid of grain/cereal/flour (and non-fruit sugar) net-carbohydrates (and very high in varied vegetable intake). I eat 2-4 hard boiled organic eggs *per day*. I have been eating this way for over 25 years, and all my health exams/tests have me in the healthiest ranges possible. The problem is that virtually no processed food actually contains natural/healthy fats due to the way they are handled/prepared/cooked/etc.

    The ‘Lipid Hypothesis’ is erroneous crap, but most people are still living the outdated nutritional myths. The fact is that no natural/unaltered/unrefined/unoxidized fat is unhealthy for us…natural saturated included. In fact, quite the opposite is true, and they are all vital for healthy bodies and optimal nutrient absorption.

  • Soy milk contains no cholesterol. Your body makes cholesterol. You need it. Dietary cholesterol has virtually no effect on your body’s cholesterol rates. It’s a myth.


  • Boreas

    Cholesterol only comes from animal products, so soy milk does not contain cholesterol.
    Here is a list of high cholesterol foods:

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