Question about the thyroid medicine synthroid?

I have been going to the doctor for years with the same problem, I am always exhausted! I have tried stimulants, antidepressants and diet and excercise…The stimulant made me sick, I am depressed becuase I’m tired, and all the exercising did was make me toned! So today she was looking at my thyroid test and said I was low normal and suggest that I start taking the lowest dose thyroid medicine, daily or every other day, and see what happens in the next six weeks. What do yall think?(about the medecine…the diagnoses…. and will it do any good?)
Okay just wanted to clarify that I did have the thyroid test done, she said that there are different degrees of normal, there is high normal, low normal and just normal. I fall under the low normal catagory. I am just wondering if it is just barely below normal could that really cause the constint sleepiness, don’t have a problem with anything else, just tired.


  • Whitney G

    If your thyroid hormones are low you do need to be on medicine. Having a thyroid condition can cause all types of symptoms to arise: fatigue, weight gain, depression, etc. If a blood test shows that your hormones are low you could have many of these symptoms (and many more). Once you start taking medicine (like Synthroid) you should start to see some differences. You may not feel completely better until they assess the amount (in milligrams) of medicine you need and give that dosage. It may take some time, but you should start feeling better. Good luck with everything!!!

  • Porkchop

    Synthroid is a very common drug. My mom has been taking it for years with no side effects. I think you will be pleased with what it can do for you. If you have trouble going to the bathroom, synthroid can help this. It should increase your energy. Have you noticed your hair thinning or brittle nails?—another thing Synthroid can help with.
    Actually a thyroid out of whack can lead to heart disease so that is scary. You will probably just take one pill each morning on an empty stomach. I wouldn’t be scared to try it. Just keep going back to the doctor for blood work so she can tweek the dosage that will best fit your needs.

  • Carl L

    Sounds like a rational approach. Although there are upper and lower limits to the results of a thyroid test (usually TSH), the way the patient feels is very important (the test can help tell if the problem might or might not be related to the amount of hormone that the thyroid is putting out… in this case your doctor apparently thinks it might be).

  • Joshua T

    Based on what you say about your thyroid levels (i’m assuming a TSH level was taken) that you may fall in the range of not having enough natural thyroid hormone. A defficiency in this hormone can affect many things such a metabolism, energy levels, and other hormones.

    Synthroid is just a replacement hormone. the body can not tell a difference in natural hormone or the pill form. It takes around 6 weeks or so to tell a difference, but hopefully it willhelp you.

  • A TSH test over 2.0 is doing damage in our body. If your TSH is over 2.0, then by all means go on medication. Your symptoms are shouting you need medication.

    Symptoms show up long before the TSH goes out of range. If you have a doctor willing to treat you and the TSH is over 2.0, go for it. Otherwise symptoms will just keep increasing. I didn’t go on meds until TSH was out of range. By this time, I had almost all the symptoms.

    Remember to always test TSH first thing in the morning only. AIM is to get the morning TSH around 1.0. If symptoms still presist after getting TSH to around 1.0, then you ma have a conversion problem and need both T4 and T3. Synthroid is only T4.

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