Juice Fast – how much weight will I lose?

I’m 21/female. I have depression and binge eating disorder. I’ve gone from 120lb to around 185lb in the past 2 years. After a lot of research and consulting my Dr I have decided to go on a five day juice fast, which starts tomorrow. I currently drink a lot of caffiene and I’m addicted to carbs and sugar. Me and my fiance want a baby but I haven’t had a period in 6mo’s due to my weight gain which is why I’m doing this. I also have eczema and I hope that this might help.

My plan:

5 x 500ml fresh vegetable and fruit juices a day and a lot of water. If I’m not hungry or can’t face more juice then I will have less. I’ll be walking for around an hour a day. How much weight will I lose? Once my fast is over I’ll be eating vegetables, fruit, salad, fish and wholegrain rice.


  • Jason Vale’s Juicing Diet states you can lose 7 pounds in one week. I did it and lost 10 pounds, however, it wasn’t really real weight, probably just fluid and muscle mass. As soon as I started eating normally, (not over eating, just healthy regular food) I gained the 10 pounds back plus more in a little over a week.

    Best to exercise 4 plus days per week and eat little and regularly to lose real weight and keep it off.

    Also have you been tested for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome as it can affect your Metabolism and the Insulin Resistance causes Carb craving and weight gain happens more easily as well as Periods stopping or being missed. Try following a Low GI diet which will help balance blood sugar and you could also try a supplement by Metagenics called Ultra Meal 360 Plus which can help with carb cravings, lower Cholesterol and provide the body with the nutrients it craves, but discuss this with your Doctor first.

  • Exercise. Literally the best thing you can do.

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