I was diagnosed in 2003 w/ depression and my health insurance ran out. Anyone know of any natural remedies????

I would greatly appreciate any help provided.


  • rn71953

    Saint Johns Wort is suppose to be as good as prozac its a natural herb. Read up on it to see if you can take it. If this doesn’t work talk to the health clinic and see what free drug program is available in your area. Good luck to you.

  • Pegasus90

    My depression was a symptom of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), a result of high insulin production (hyperinsulinemia). Check out http://www.hufa.org to get ideas on how to self-check for this. Leveling out blood sugar helps level or elevate moods.

  • Shannon1981

    Best thing you can do for yourself is exercise and eat healthy. It will be hard at first but you just have to get yourself to the gym or outside for a walk or run and you will eventually come to enjoy it.

  • wendyf46

    some people take St John’s Wort, but it doesn’t help everyone.

  • immersionrings

    exercise is the best thing. also raises self esteem. St. John’s Wort is great but causes photo sensitivity and renders birth control pills ineffective. 5-htp, essentially tryptophan will help you sleep when taken on an empty stomach before bed. As will Valerian root.

  • Doctor J

    Hi Miss Catherine. I would like to suggest a wonderful book by Sherry Rogers, M.D. called: "Depression Cured At Last". Depression is NOT caused by a drug deficiency … so drug treatment never cures it (drugs can only mask the symptoms).

    Dr. Rogers is a leading expert in environmental medicine and nutritional biochemistry. She has over 35 years of clinical experience, is a published researcher and teaches thousands of other doctors at professional educational seminars.

    There are many conditions that can cause the biochemical imbalances that lead to depression. This book explains them thoroughly and lists over 700 scientific references to support the information presented. Dr. Rogers will show you what can cause your depression and what you can do to treat the cause(s).

    The book is available at Amazon.com or from the publisher at 1-800-846-6687. Best wishes and good luck.

  • cableguy21629

    you have got some excellent answerer’s here from some very knowledgeable people Everybody gets depressed now and then which is normal. Do like the others have told you to eat right ( stay away from as much sugar as possible and many sugar subs are worse than sugar itself ) a product called Stevia is a NATURAL sugar sub and is actually GOOD for you ( look it up on the web ) and get plenty of exercises. Good luck and keep us posted .and here’s another thing that will help.
    If your too busy helping others you wont have time to worry about yourself.

  • sauerkraut_911

    I’ve have been on drugs for bi-polar for many years and finely it all caught up with me. I noticed they were eather serotonin or dopamine base. Just look up the WHOLE herb that is rich in these natural elements. If it’s a extract…you’ve got a drug.
    St. Johns Wort has 2-3 prob. for me but it’s serotonin (Melatonin, Betel Pepper family, Valerian, Butternut, Tryptophan Griffonia Chaste Tree etc). So is a banana.
    Kava is a dopamine (has to be a good quality, not grown in USA usually) It’s a Prozac or Zdoft alternative. It take time to adj. this herb into the body. I think I’m ok and have gone off. Then realize, it was this herb keeping me calm and up so I end up going back on.
    Excess amounts of dopamine can cause schizophrenia i.e. too.
    Even Coco extract 400 mg boost serotonin levels. Do your research on everything. For example is St John’s Wort can make your birth control inaffective and only good for mild depressions.
    There are many others that I didn’t list because of time and space. Just go to several search engines and type in natural dopamine or serotonin foods and or herbs. Be sure the source is natural no gmo’s and not manufactured by yeast. I hope this will get you started.

  • American Citizen

    Exercise, clean diet, meditation / prayer, talking with people who care and listen well. Maybe getting better sleep.

  • thereikigirl

    There is a great book out there titled Potatoes Not Prozac. Diet will greatly improve your depression symptoms. Acupuncture, Reiki or any other energy healing is also great.

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