Has anyone out there tried a colon cleanse product called colonix by Dr. Natura?

If so, please share your experience, I am looking for a credible colon detox system.


  • Alt Healer

    Hi Chantel

    Here is a small testimony (below) from a health client of mine when I recommended Dr Natura colon cleansing products. This is the healthiest step you can do for better health. Outstanding!

    I used the Dr. Natura’s colonix and detox due to the severe hives I was getting. The conventional doctors couldn’t help me. I did use a supplement that kept them somewhat under control. But, that wasn’t good enough. I would get hives so bad on my face and body that I would have to hide out in bed all day and had to explain to my 6 year old son that mommy couldn’t go out to play. I finally came to the conclusion that my hives were caused by years of exposure to environmental toxins, additives in foods, and body products. What did I have to loose? So, I used it for 30 days and I have not had one single outbreak of hives! This was a miracle and I regained my life back! Dr. Natura’s products are of very high quality, they have won several awards for their products, and they have a 30 day money back guarantee and great customer service. If you looked at the photos of the stuff that came out of people, I didn’t have that. But, I continue to take their multivitamin, Detoxigreens, daily and wouldn’t ever purchase another vitamin in my life. I swear this is the best product I have ever used and it is worth every penny. Also, a little tip – if you use their product and like it you can go to their testimonial site and submitt your testimony and they will send you a free product. I have only purchase the original 30 day colonix and detox, and one other time I purchase the vitamins. Since then I have sent in testimonials and I have received free fiber and vitamins. Now that is great business! Give it a try – you have nothing to loose and their products are very gentle. My husband used it and he is out in the field inspecting everyday. He was not exploding and running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Good Luck!

    Best of health to you

  • Yes, I tried it, and would highly recommend it. I was diagnosed last fall with gallstones, and, not desiring surgery, I looked on the web for some answers. Along with various "cleanses" of the liver / gallbladder, I also came across the Dr. Natura website. It had high ratings, plus they offer a money back guarantee. (And, by the way, due to various ‘cleansing’ procedures that I followed, my gallstone problem was cleared up, without surgery).

    I can confirm that it is gentle on your system; you never have the feeling that you can’t be further than 50′ from the nearest restroom; it DOES work — just follow the directions, very simple. However, DO expect to have many more bowel movements than you are currently –I don’t mean to be gross here, but….if you really want to know…..you can expect to have between 4 and 8 per day, all very ‘productive’. You’ll be amazed as to what comes out of you (and you’ll be GLAD that it’s OUT of you)
    In my opinion, it is "expensive"; but, on the other hand, it does what it says it will do. Plus, the package includes an anti-parasite pill as well. Please feel free to e-mail me through this site, if you have any further questions.

  • petunia1354

    no NO no AND no NO !!! My mom gave us enamas when we were too little to stop her!!! If you eat right you dont need enamas !!! This colonic stuff is all crap — pun intended!

    Repeated enamas are BAD for you, then can strip your body of necessary electrolights and if done to excess can cause death !!! NO THANKS !!! Dont do it folks !!!!

  • Panda

    There is no scientific documented evidence that colon cleansing is of any benefit to the body. So, it is a waste of time, energy, and money. Ironic isn’t it . . you already have a naturally cleansing colon . . and yet you seek foreign products to put inside you to ‘clean you out’ . . as if nature couldn’t do it better? The promotion of these products is odd.

  • dan d

    Colon cleansing is always a great idea! You really do need to be careful of the cleanse your thinking of using. I believe that Dr. Naturas cleanse uses a fiber to cleanse your system out. Fiber will bulk you movement up, so your body can force it through your intestine. Because the movement is bulky and it is forced through, it can actually cause small holes to be poked into the intestine, which would cause leaky gut syndrome. You really don’t want that to happen. I use a colon cleanser that actually uses Oxygen to break down the junk in the intestine, it is not abrasive to your system and it works extremely well. check out the link, you can read more about it.
    also, here is more information for you so you can make a better choice for yourself: http://www.colon-cleanse-constipation.com/colon-cleansing-treatments.html
    Good luck with your cleanse!

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