Enlarged thyroid and swollen lymph nodes?

I was at a physical at the doctor yesterday and she told me that my thyroid is enlarged. I am extremely exhausted and just have not been feeling well. On top of that my lymph nodes are swollen. Has anyone ever encountered this?
I am 25


  • How old are you ? Age matter in thyroid gland problem . At 59 I start having problem with my thyroid . The doctor gave me Syntriod ; and right away I came back to my normal ; but ; do nOT neglect your condition . Please see a specialist

  • joey e

    Happens when I’m really sick, I like to touch them they’re fun to poke. Anyway, you could be sick but you could also have thyroid problems. Get yourself checked out to make sure you don’t have thyroid cancer or anything serious if it lasts more than 3 days

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