Does Colon Cleansing interfere with my medication?

I take medication for Anxiety and have been going through Colon Cleansing where my body has been literally ridding of a lot of toxins (I know, sounds terrible). I noticed my Anxiety medication is not working as good as it was before and while I do not want to take more, I was thinking perhaps the medication is not being broken down/absorbed properly due to the already in progress fluids cleaning my Colon.

Does anybody have any more info they can share?

Many thanks!
Thank you all!!! I appreciate the prompt feedback! 🙂


  • Keith

    Colon Cleansing is a bunch of hokum. Please name the toxins. Go ahead I’ll wait.

    Finished the crossword puzzle, any toxins yet? No, okay be back in a bit.

    Painted the trim on the outside of the house.
    What? still no toxins. Okay I’ll be patient.

    Done treking in the outback of Australia.
    No toxins yet?

    Hmm, maybe what the AMA has been saying is true. Colon cleansings are dangerous to your health. They rid your system of helpful bacteria. Don’t get caught up in these health fads.

  • Barb M

    Forcing the body to rid itself of what is in the colon (usually resulting in diarrhea) can certainly through off things like blood sugar, medication dosing, etc. If you are having problems with your colon, please see a doctor and do not resort to these methods unless directed to do so.

  • Praise God!


  • David Charles

    A colon cleanse will not interfere with your anxiety medication, as it is absorbed readily through the digestive system straight into the blood.
    There has been a lot of talk about pros and cons of colon cleansing. Honestly, an extra bit of fiber will do the trick, but if an enema or other kind of colon cleansing makes you feel better tummy wise then go for it.
    If you are taking oral cleansers, do be very wary of the over the counter type. They are usually full of either psyillium or similar, or they are a laxative type of herbal remedy. Which again, honestly, you can make up yourself for a fraction of the cost!
    Most medications are absorbed in the early part of the digestive process and are not usually affected by the colon cleansers. When in doubt, always check with your treating doctor.

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