colon cleanse?

i always hear about people doing some type of colon clease and they say how beneficial it is and helps one feel better and is good-but why dont drs recommend this if it is such a good thing? and what are the benefits of it supposed to be-can they be dangerous or cause problems? any info?


  • sylvia5482

    I do not like anything up my butt and that is why I drink water to cleanse me internally. Also for optimum health, I take 2 tbls. apple cider vinegar before a meal. ACV has 93 vitamins and minerals. Hair and nails become long and strong. 6-8 glasses of water per day is what is needed here.

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  • Josie826

    Doing it once in a great while is not harmful. If you do it too often, you could throw your body systems off balance and make yourself very sick.

  • C.G. Triggs

    The benifits are dubious. The health effects can include severe abdominal pain, and also vomiting.

  • TwinkleHead

    Colon cleases are actually really helpful. There are several factors to consider, is it an actual colonic with something being placed into the body cavity or is it a natural herbal cleanse?
    Honestly, most doctors don’t recommend colon cleanses because you mention a colon cleaning and instantly most people picture a hose going up exit only openings. But it is actually extremely important to keep a clean colon. And a lot of doctors just don’t realize because they aren’t taught it, a lot of people have this mindset that doctors know everything but then again why do doctors only have one nutrition class? When what you eat is directly connected to how your body will function? Also, some doctors know smoking and drinking is bad for you but they themselves do it…I’m not against doctors at all, you just have to make sure you do your own research and take everything a doctor says as the final word.
    Having a clogged colon can actually cause a lot of symptoms that most people would never realize is connected with being clogged. And since the long intestine is about the height of a person and the small intestine is about 7 times as long, that is a lot of piping to get clogged. This also explains why people can go years without realizing there is a problem. In fact John Wayne was found to have 30 pounds of fecal matter in him when he died. Imagine the arteries around the heart and how they can get clogged with plaque and slow the movement of blood–well the same thing can happen with the intestines and colon, you eventually make the passage area smaller and smaller and then you end up with a small hole to get out a lot of waste.
    Just think about it, the amount you eat should be coming out of you at least within a 24 hour period-if not, it means it’s getting clogged somewhere in the digestion tract…meaning bad build up and eventually some problem down the road that won’t immediately seem to be anywhere near related to your colon. The small intestine does most of the digestion and nutrients are absorbed at this point, if the area is clogged you aren’t getting all that you think you are.
    I’m doing a natural colon cleanse right now that involves several pills, a tea, and a fiber powder (way way better than metamucil or that fiber brand one) and let me tell you…it is amazing. I actually heard about it from a good friend and at first was doubtful until they showd me pictures from their results and then I was sold. Now my boyfriend, mom, his parents, my sisters, and then whomever else we can tell to are trying it with similar results. It’s good to do a colon cleansing about once a year. I’ve been vegan for 7 years now and even though I’m pretty healthy, I still have stuff from when I wasn’t so healthy that I would like to clean out. There are so many companies out there…and I’ve tried several but this one that I’m on now is good. And if you are doubtful, as some are, they have a 2 month money back guarantee if it doesn’t work…but let me tell you, it worked in 2 weeks for me. I’m at the end of my 2nd month now and the first time it is recommended that for a cleanse like this you do it for 3 months. After the first time you only do it for a month after that each year. It’s not bad at all. The fiber powder is so good…it tastes like banana and I mix it with chocolate soymilk…my friends use orange juice…whatever your preference. Either way, it really works…if it didn’t I would so send it back for my money..but it has and now I tell everyone about it because I can’t imagine not being cleaned out.

  • I think it can be helpful but also harmful if done too much. I work at a nutritional supplement store and hear stories from people who love doing cleanses every once in a while. Irwin Naturals has a good product line and reputation. If you decide to do it, be careful and make sure you read and follow the directions on the label.

  • firas96

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  • mike h

    Just to correct twinklehead…. the site is actually

    I am doing the cleanse myself along with toxinout which I will start in a couple days.

    There has been a recently released entry in some UK medical journal (a respected one) that states that a sluggish impacted colon can be a causitive factor in a large number of diseases and conditions. I’m not a doctor hater either, I just think that they aren’t always taught the best ways to prevent problems… they are just taught how to treat them when they arise. I’m not really sure of how it works exactly but I think that a doctor can lose his license if he suggests a non-FDA approved treatment.

    So far I can’t say that I’ve felt much result from the cleansing, but I’ve seen some pretty interesting UFO’s. I am pretty messed up health wise already though, so I imagine it might take longer for me. I say to give it a go, if you don’t mind shelling out some cash… for a 3 month cleanse along with a 2 month toxinout cleanse, you will pay about 300 us dollars. That is well worth it if it helps you to feel better and be more healthy in the long run. Heck, I spent 1200 on a cat scan and lung xrays that didn’t show a dang thing.

    Be well

  • Samantha Yang

    I’ve done a few types of colon cleanses, including the master cleanser. Here’s my thoughts…

    Most people who indulge in the typical "Western" diet do not get enough fiber, and fiber plays a key role in pushing waste out of our body. If you’re going to buy one of those colon cleaning kits you can save yourself a lot of money and just use ground up flax seed, psyllium husk, and herbal laxative tea.

    Also drink plenty of water because any laxative will dehydrate you.

    If you want to do an extreme cleansing the master cleanse can eliminate loads of garbage from your system, but it’s not easy to stay on long enough to get results.

    But none of this will matter if you go right back to eating junk food, so my advice is to follow some sort of cleanse and then focus on eating cleaner.

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