Why is having high cholesterol bad?

I was just at my doctor and was told I have high cholesterol after getting my blood work results back. I didn’t have much time to go into detail with my doc on the factors associating with that. The normal average healthy range is 100 and below. I’m at 130 in cholesterol level. So, why is it bad to have high cholesterol? I was told to eat more high fiber foods which will help and to make sure what I am eating does not have any cholesterol. What risk factors come with high cholesterol? Also, I only eat twice a day and so are there any supplemental vitamins to take?


  • Andrew F

    Your body needs very little cholesterol, and the cholesterol that cannot be put to good use is taken up by your immune system (white blood cells). These white blood cells become bloated, and deposit on the walls of your arteries, forming plaques, and contributing to arterial blockages, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

    The fiber will help because it is non-digestible, and has some similar chemical characteristics as cholesterol. These similar characteristics allow you to poo out the cholesterol instead of absorbing it.

    As far as supplements go, there is always a debate going about whether they help. I say that if you have a low-nutrient diet, taking a multi-vitamin can’t hurt.

    I hope that helps!

  • Maverick

    an early death ?


    Because it can build up plaque in your arteries..thus restricting blood flow…cause of strokes and heart attacks…diabeties…and lose of vision. Need to maintain weight, exercise and watch what and how you eat. tagger

  • glmoore24

    Hi cholerterol can lead to fatty deposits in the arteries of the heart, kindey and legs. This cuts down circulation and if soe of the deposit should dislodge, it can cause a stroke, heart attack, renal infarct or pulm emboli-none of which is a good thing. Read labels=no more than 30 percent of y our diet should come from fats.

  • High Cholesterol is bad because it builds up in your arteries and narrows the opening in which blood can get through. By narrowing the artery, your heart has to work harder to pump blood through and stress can occur on your heart, leading to further problems. To lower your cholesterol just eat stuff with low cholesterol, cheerios, whole grains, etc. There probably are supplements to lower your cholesterol, and I know there are several medications, but clear it with your doctor if you are thinking about taking them, and the natural way is always best anyway! Hope this helps!

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