What is your opinion/experience on the value of doing a colon cleanse?

Are there really parasites and toxic debris in the colons of most Americans due to our diets?


  • The mom

    No, there are not. A colon cleanse is just a very expensive, very rough laxative. Your colon isn’t full of anything except the meals you have eaten over the past couple days. You don’t have pockets of stuff hanging out somewhere unless you have diverticulitis- in which case a laxative is the last thing you’d need. Any toxins in your food that the body could absorb are long since absorbed, and nothing you can take by mouth is going to leach it out of the body tissues. That takes chelation, best done by a doctor who knows what he’s doing, in the hospital, and after you sign away that you know how dangerous it is. As far as parasites, if you suspect you have an intestinal parasite infection, you can simply ask the doctor to order a stool exam, and find out. Most folks don’t, some kids do. Pinworms are the most common, and adults generally catch on that they have a problem without having to guess. For starters, pinworms itch like crazy, and you will see the little beggars in the stool. Laxatives don’t work on them either- they lay eggs on the outside, around the rectum. Then you scratch, pick up the eggs under your nails- and from hands to mouth. You can also catch them from another infected person, who handles your food with unclean hands. Your intestines are not harboring anything you need worry about, providing you eat a decent diet your colon cleans itself regularly and well. We survived many thousands of years without trying to cleanse our insides, and our bodies are designed to maintain themselves without a lot of assistance from us. In fact, they work best the less we meddle without "helping" them. For good colon health, just do what your mother told you. Eat your veggies. Eat wholegrain foods, less fat and meat, and more fruits. Drink your water, plenty of fluid is good for you. That’s all you need to do, and your innards will take care of the rest. Messing with it is just bound to do nothing but give you an irritated belly and a sore tush.

  • Jakedzz

    Colon flushes, "detox" diets and/or pills, and all of those similar products are gimmicks, in my opinion. Using them would be like having a freezer in your house if you lived somewhere with permafrost. It’s completely unnecessary.

    A proper diet is all a person needs. Eating more fresh fruit, fresh/steamed/grilled vegetables, less red and fatty meats, more fiber, eating whole grains instead of everything bleached and white, and drinking more water/fluids is what most Americans can do for better colon health and to just generally be healthier inside and out.

    Your colon has a main job of absorbing minerals and fluids, and forming and eliminating feces. The "toxic debris" a lot of those colon cleanse "sellers" speak of is feces. Your colon gets rid of this on its own, as that is part of its job. If a person has parasites in their colon, they would know, and a colon cleanse would be the least of their worries. They would need a doctor, not a colon product sold on infomercials.

  • A colon cleanse is a bunch of expensive BS. It is normal to be "processing" waste in your colon.When I had a colonoscopy, I had to drink this stuff you get at Walgreens and it completely emptied out everything( they can’t do the colonoscopy unless you get rid of all debris.) Anyway, I did not feel any healthier , just emptier. Eat fiber and exercise so your colon does its job.

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