what freezes first, water or orange juice?

We’re confused. The orange juice got colder faster, and solidified first. Our starting temps were 50.1 water, 49.8 juice. The readings showed juice was 2 to 3 degrees colder than water until we called it after 3 hours. The juice was frozen. The water still had liquid in the center. Any ideas??

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  • james w

    Humm ice. I build machines all day to make ice and it’s a funny thing. We have had machine with water at -6.5°c (20.3°f) before it froze. If your orange juice had pulp then this would affect the freezing point plus the sugar in the orange juice will interfere with the freezing point as well. But un-agitated water (still in a container not stirred or shaken) will not build ice evenly. It will start to build from the coldest part of the container and move out until you have what you had with water still liquid in the middle of you container. Ice is an insulator as well so if you just cooling the outside of your container then the middle of the container is insulated from the loss of heat because of the ice in-between.

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