Thyroid problems? PLEASE HELP.?

So my physician said I had thyroid problems..and I’m not really sure what kind I have ? but I’ve been loosing hair, I’ve been having depression & My neck has been swelling and its hard? I was told Thyroid problems can be lead to thyroid cancer ? whats the difference between those to? can i get thyroid cancer from having thyroid problems ?


  • Memere RN/BA

    No, the two are not related. You can have an under active thyroid, or overactive or normal. If you’re having problems, he may be concerned it could be one or the other. Have any tests been done like one that is called a T-3 uptake? Was anything checked for hormone secretions. Oh, the "T" in that test stands for thyroxin and thyronin,. These are secreted by the thyroid and responsible for metabolism. I’m going to tell this story again for I don’t know how many times. but I had a tumor 42 years ago and long story short, it was successfully removed but not before removing my parathyroid. There’s another problem that can occur. I never again got the tumor back and to this day, I only have the scar that looks like a crazy fool tried to slit my throat. But if that’s all I have, I don’t care. Thyroid cancer can give you some of the same side effects as thyroid conditions, but the treatment is different.
    hair loss can be a results of thyroid problems, but not always. So until proper testing is done. don’t worry yourself OK. Blessings.

  • palmyrafan

    I would ask your doctor to refer you to an endocrinologist. They are doctors who specialize in thyroid problems and are better prepared to treat your thyroid problem.

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