Thyroid problems maybe?

I have all but one symptom of hypothyroid disorder.I gave birth 5 months ago.At my post pardum check up my obgyn tested my thyroid but it turned out normal.My symptoms seem worse.Especially fatigue and my entire boby hurts all the time.I have heard that your thyroid test can turn out normal but that you still may have a problem with your thyroid. Any ideas?


  • It wouldn’t hurt to have another thyroid test if symptoms are getting worse. Many women develop a problem with their thyroid after the birth of a baby. Just ask your doctor for a test. Just make sure you schedule it for first thing in the morning only, as an afternoon test could miss the condition. They usualy do a TSH test. TSH is highest while we sleep, so you want to test while its near its high point. By 2PM, its at it lowest point and could stop a diagnosis.

    Once you have been tested, ask for a copy of the test results. You might want to find out what your last TSH was and the time of day of the blood raw. A TSH over 2.0 shows that there is a slowdown in the function of the thyoid gland. However, many doctors will not treat until its over 3.0 and some over 5.5.

    If possible in addition to the TSH, get a free t4, free t3, and an antibody test.

  • sk8ter

    it sounds more like you,ve got post partum depression

  • i have hypothyroid disorder. get tested again just to make sure. are you sure your fatigue is from that? it could be the stress of the new baby, and trying to take care of everything. i would consult your doctor about it if you test show up normal again.

  • Mike G

    Try exercising

  • sadie hopkins

    i have very low throid count.. I have to keep having blood work about every 4-6 months to make sure i’ve got the right dose of medicine. I agree with the others it sounds like you may be suffering from post pardum depression. Go back and see your dr.

  • bill p

    sounds more like you have a 5 month old baby!!

  • Wikkid Lil Girl

    There is a possibility that it can be your thyroid but there is also a possibility that its fatigue. Are you breastfeeding? Does the baby wake you up at night? Are you so busy running aroudn doing things that you don’t have time for yourself. I think maybe you are so occupied with the baby that you don’t have time to take care of yourself Good luck

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