Thyroid problem should i be worried?

I just got a call from my ob,saying i have a abnormal result of my Thyroid test. First they tested me in aug and didnt get results till 19 sept and then sent me again to do antoehr test and they want me to call my family doctor, why can’t they tell me whats going on? I am 35 weeks pregenet already scared cause of my prev pregency going into labour at 31 weeks hemorging and now this..
thanks, love the answer"time to worry"


  • Kelsey

    Thyroid problems are common and easily treatable. Actually, hypothyroidism and other endocrine disorders can be responsible for miscarriage and preterm labor, so I’m not surprised that you hemorrhaged at 31 weeks. This shouldn’t affect your current pregnancy, other than perhaps sending you into preterm labor again. Even if you go into preterm labor, 35 weeks is far enough along to where there shouldn’t be too many complications if any. The reason they want you to call your family doc is because OB’s specialize in care of pregnant women. They know about other conditions, but they refer you to a general practitioner who can offer treatment options. Think of it this way…you wouldn’t go to an cardiologist for stomach problems, so why would you go to an OB for thyroid problems? Speak with your family doc about your condition and how it relates to your normal daily life, treatments etc. Once the doc explains your condition, then have a talk with your OB about your concerns and how this condition effects pregnancy. He or she will be better able to explains the specific risks involved when it comes to pregnancy and thyroid conditions.

  • frncsco

    time to worry

  • seekn2know

    Having a thyroid problem is not as bad as it sounds. I’ve had hypothyroidism since I was 12. I take thyroid medication to help. It takes a simple blood test to verify, and you are given thyroid medicine if your levels are too low or too high.

    The pregnancy may have nothing to do with having a thyroid problem. Ask the doctor. Your Ob is not the type of doctor who treats thyroid problems so you should see your regular family doctor.

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