Planning on doing a colon cleanse?

I am already a very good eater, no soda, no fast food, eat lots of things organic, fruits, vegetables, I don’t eat beef or pork, get a lot of fiber etc. But lately I’ve been feeling clogged and I want to cleanse my colon.

What are good products for this that I can find at the grocery store?

And for those of you who have done colon cleansing, what was the outcome?


  • Vital Force


    If you decide to cleanse your colon with a product, a great colon cleansing and parasite detoxification program can be purchased at DrNatura called Colonix

    The Colonix colon cleanse will definitely clean out old debris from your colon and you will feel so much better because of this, as that was clearly the case for me.

    I believe their Colonix colon cleanse and parasite ridding product is the best in the world. I will be espousing the merits of this product my entire life, as it literally gave me a new lease on life

    Enemas have been practiced for thousands of years as a way to help heal the body. Even Jesus Christ spoke of the importance of enemas for ridding the colon of worms. "And the devils left their bowels in the shape of multitudinous worms which writhed in impotent rage after the angel of water had cast them out of the bowels of the Sons of Men."

    "Wow, worms in the colon!" you say. Absolutely. In fact, if you have a hard time believing this, please view this colonoscopy video of a live human wriggling tapeworm and roundworm in the colon

    My good friend passed a thirteen inch worm while doing the Colonix cleanse. She did not experience any health symptoms that would lead her to believe she was harboring a worm. Definitely, better out than in!

    There are many products on the market, and I urge you to really do your research. If you use a cheaper product, most likely you will not get near the benefit to your body that Colonix intestinal cleanse can accomplish.

    I especially like DrNatura because they have wonderful customer service available 7 days a week. Yes, you can reach them by phone with any questions you have. Their product specialists are very kind in answering any of your questions. I called many times and was always pleased with how they addressed my questions.

    Remember the saying, "Death Begins In The Colon." That is so true. Sometimes mother nature just needs a little help "cleaning house."

    Any time you spend learning the major importance of your intestines, and then learning what you can do to enhance its function, will serve your well.

    Vital Force

  • Meghan

    I’ve only heard of this being done by someone else. The only self treating thing is pretty close to what you are already doing. Eating healthy, getting plenty of fiber and fruits and veggies.

  • Je m'appelle Alyssa.

    I would check with your doctor to see what he recommends, but don’t cheap out on this kind of stuff. Expect to be on the toilet for a while after you use it. And I mean a WHILE.

  • colonics are great

    you can do salt water flush… buy epsom salts (not the ones you bath in)

    also enema’s and the best natural ones are the coffee ones.

    you can also drink some senna tea as well

    (this regiment can be done in one weekend)

    you will be surprised how much stuff is impacted on the colon wall wether or not you eat healthy

  • go-rat-go

    You could do the same thing that people do before they get a colostomy. Only clear liquids and a laxative for 24 hours (or is it more…)

  • t-bone

    irritable bowel syndrome, something you may not wish to acquire, after you clean out you entire bowl and the track, the problem is for some its a healthy issue but for others its not a smart thing to do.
    If i were you i would seek a doctors advice on if you relay should do it or if he thinks its cool then he can recommend a safe product.
    i have used Citric agent called Citromag it is cooled in the fridge then you drink the entire 8 ounces, i will tell you don not be to far away from a toilet it is a long night indeed. i had to do thing for exrays of my colon.

  • hardspacecore

    Colonics are a load of crap, no pun intended. Anyone who tells you that you have "years of fecal matter impacted in your bowels" have NO IDEA what they’re talking about.

    "Cleansing" with products composed of herbs and dietary fiber is unlikely to be physically harmful, but the products involved can be expensive. Some people have reported expelling large amounts of what they claim to be feces that have accumulated on he intestinal wall. However, experts believe these are simply "casts" formed by the fiber contained in the "cleansing" products.

    Colonic irrigation, which also can be expensive, has considerable potential for harm. The process can be very uncomfortable, since the presence of the tube can induce severe cramps and pain. If the equipment is not adequately sterilized between treatments, disease germs from one person’s large intestine can be transmitted to others. Several outbreaks of serious infections have been reported, including one in which contaminated equipment caused amebiasis in 36 people, 6 of whom died following bowel perforation. Cases of heart failure (from excessive fluid absorption into the bloodstream) and electrolyte imbalance have also been reported. Direct rectal perforation has also been reported. Yet no license or training is required to operate a colonic-irrigation device. In 1985, a California judge ruled that colonic irrigation is an invasive medical procedure that may not be performed by chiropractors and the California Health Department’s Infectious Disease Branch stated: "The practice of colonic irrigation by chiropractors, physical therapists, or physicians should cease. Colonic irrigation can do no good, only harm." The National Council Against Health Fraud agrees.

    Aside from these risks, when you do a colon cleanse, not only are you cleansing out fecal matter and "bad bacteria", but you’re also wiping out the good bacteria that is required to keep your colon, and you, healthy. You’re disrupting the natural balance in your colon which is completely unnecessary and will likely just make things worse for you.

    If you’re thinking of purchasing something like Fleet’s Bowel prep cleansing products… Haha. Have fun with that is all I can say. I’ve had to drink this garbage several times to clean out for colonoscopies (during which I’ve SEEN my intestines and they have no impacted matter…. And not only do they taste HORRENDOUS, they will leave you cramping on the toilet for hours, your butt will burn like someone flayed off the first few layers of skin, and you will be miserable, tired, and dehydrated.

    Quit listening to all the hype about colon cleanses, it’s all a money making scam like those stupid foot pads that you put on your feet and they’re supposed to "draw out impurities"… None of it is true.

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