Is there a magazine about natural and/or herbal remedies?

Thanks a million in advance!


  • Katrina

    Alive Magazine or Vitality Magazine, both should be free from your local health food store. I get them every month and they provide great info for using natural remedies. : )

  • justin tyme

    The Book Prescription For Nutritional Healing is good.Check Amazon and read customer book reviews.

  • Patrick M

    dont listen to justin tyme.

    that book is full of quackery and it is not worth the money.

    the herbal medicine people pay a certain amount of money to get their products into the book and then the book says "so and so will heal you" just because the people paid money to have it in the book.

    its a total rip off

    try your local health food store or go onto the internet. there are lots of blogs out there about natural health.

  • Psychobenzaprine

    The very nature of such a magazine begets self-limitation. "Naturally"-speaking, there is nothing new under the sun. So after a few issues, what’s left to discuss? The editors are thus forced to rehash and regurgitate the same material over and over again. Which wouldn’t be so bad if the material was accurate or somehow beneficial to begin with! (Protip: it isn’t.)

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