Is it okay to go on a juice diet?

like, drink only juice for a couple days… like your five fruit & veg but.. in juice.
e.g in one day drink apple juice, orange juice, cocktail juice, pineapple juice & cranberry juice.
without eating anything.

will this help loose weight? or just be pointless?


  • James

    It would be better to eat the fruit/vegetable than juice it. That way you get the juice AND the fiber. Plus juice has the sugars and if you eat the whole thing you would fill up faster and not consume as much sugar.

  • Anne Marie

    juice contains sugar and i wouldnt just eat less.. if u dont eat u could get fatter… coz ur body will start changing all your food into fat – i would eat a little less for example in the morning cerel, lunch a normal sized meal(not too fattening.. search for a table with caleries of food)and dinner ceral or toast

  • acv43

    i cant imagine this would be good for you. i mean your would be basically just getting sugar and calories. no protien so you would be starving the entire time. i wouldnt do it

  • puppy'z

    You probably would lose very small amount of weight. Buut if your drinking unheathly drinks then you will just be hungry and look the same. I think it’s basically pointless. If you want to lose weight drink and eat heathly and jog 10 minutes a day. It works!

  • Savannah

    No Ive been there done that dont work just eat less junk and more healthy stuff and stay under 2000 calories if you wanna lose weight eat 1200 healthy calories a day and excise for 60-90 mins a day and lift weight and run or jog

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