Highest recorded cholesterol in humans?

I was just wondering what the highest recorded cholesterol was in humans?

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  • Mary Boo

    Individual studies of stroke have not clearly answered two questions: on the relation, if any, between total blood cholesterol and stroke; and on how the strength of the relation between diastolic blood pressure and stroke varies with age. The associations of blood cholesterol and diastolic blood pressure with subsequent stroke rates were investigated by review of 45 prospective observational cohorts involving 450,000 individuals with 5-30 years of follow-up (mean 16 years, total 7.3 million person-years of observation), during which 13,397 participants were recorded as having had a stroke. Most of these were fatal strokes in studies that recorded only mortality and not incidence, but about one-quarter were from studies that recorded both fatal and non-fatal strokes. After standardization for age, there was no association between blood cholesterol and stroke except, perhaps, in those under 45 years of age when screened.

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