Does lemon juice work at highlighting hair?

Is this true?
If so, how long do you leave it on for and how strong is the effect, for example on light mousy brown hair, what would the colour ncome out as? Give links to pictures if you find any please.


  • i ♥ gilmore girls

    only works if you can be out in the sun, and it will give you cardboard stiff hair so dont put it on unless your just sittin out your garden!

    i think a better alternative tho is shampoo for blonde hair.

    i have dark brown hair but wanted to lighten it to a mid brown/auburn so i bought some CHAMOMILE and LEMON shampoo from Boots for a few quid. and iv used it 3 times so far and its loads lighter!

    so try that because its a lot easier and safer than using lemon juice! plus if ur in britain like me, we dont get much sun! lol

  • Cox'y

    yes, try it!

  • Sean K

    totally true!
    lemon juice is great, i’m also a mousey browny blonde, and it comes out great. stay in sunlight in the sun and it works like a charm. 😀

    i havent got any pictures thoughh 🙁

  • KrazyMuddles

    it does work, but only slightly. Dont expect drastic changes.
    I used to put a bit on when i went on holiday (you do know that lemon juice only works in the sun?)
    you need to be sitting on the hot sunny beach for it to work! good luck

  • futurefiyero823

    Yes, but it also drys it out and damages it.

    On your color, it would come out orange or bright yellow; probably not what you want.

  • Krazy

    ye it does

    you put lemon juice in your hair and the sun makes it go blonde

    if you have dark dark brown or black hair it can sometimes go ginger

    use lemon juice and then if it goes gingers then dye it blonde

  • Aly M

    yes it really does work just put it in your hair and sit out in the sun for about one hour if you cant sit in the sun leave it in for 2 hours

  • graywales

    The acid in lemon juice acts as a mild bleaching agent, and therefore will highlight (slightly) your hair.

  • CatCrusher22

    Yes, it is really something you should try. all you need is about a third cup of it and while in the shower or whenever and it gives you highlights for about three days. My Mom told me that the next week you can do it again.

    P.S-if you want your hair REALLY bright go for a cup.

  • xbabyvainx

    lemon juice is used as a mild blecher , you’ll have to apply it carefully , and since it’s mild , youll have to leave it on for a while , to see distinctive results , but it does work . Also lemon juice is commonly used to lighten youe knees , and elbows , and that certainly works , hope you enjoy hightlighting your hair , it’ll smell fab and vey citrus . Mind you the effects are only temporarily , so you should do it every other week to keep up the results , who needs hair dye when you have lemon ?

  • Matt S

    but my juice does!!

  • Nichole M

    Yea, it works for me. Some say it has dried their hair out, but I haven’t had any problems. It has lightened my hair, but you’ll probably have to sit out in the sun for a little while. I would make sure you condition your hair a lot just in case it does possibly dry your hair out.
    Vinegar also lightens your hair a little bit and you don’t have to sit in the sun.

    Hope I helped some.

  • ehh sometimess

  • Kelly W

    Yes it does work. For less of a sticky mess try Sun-In. You can get it at any drugstore or walmart (its usually stuck on the shelf near hair-coloring). It already has lemon juice in it and it comes in a spray bottle. Its no more than $5. You spray it on and either sit out in the sun or put the hair dryer to it (on high heat) and it makes your hair blonder. Or for highlights, put it on streaks through your hair.

  • Kim_482

    Yeah it does work but you need a hell lot of lemon juice, and you need to be very careful about it
    if you leave it one for ages such as 40 minutes itll go like this,
    but if you leave it on for abot 25 minutes, it will go more of a golden blonde, with darker and lighter bits.

  • MTap plecoholic

    Lemon juice is a bit sticky, i used Sun in which i bought from my local chemist, it turned my mousy hair to a lovely blonde, but i did mine in the summer and spent a lot of time in the sun. If you do it now you may not get results as quickly as you would in the summer, also blow drying clean hair with sun in does work.

    You can also touch up the roots by sraying on the sun in and a bottle does last quite a while.

    What you do is wash and condition hair, and spray sun in on your damp hair then blow dry. Then go in the sun. Or spray on damp hair then go in the sun and allow the sun to dry your hair. For quicker results i used to do the first option.

  • caseylainexoxo

    I guess it really depends on how porous your hair is–meaning how well it absorbs the lemon juice. But i have really dark brown hair and i tried the lemon juice thing when i was like 7. All i did was pour the lemon juice over my head and sat in the sun for like 10-15min. It did work, subtly though. It’s not going to give bleach blond highlights though.
    Good luck!

  • ♥~Shelly~♥

    You would be better off getting hi-lites froma supermarket with the cap they’re really cheap and easy to do and also they don’t damage your hair.

    heres a link i found,

    It damages hair and also you have to sit out in the sun for a fair while.

    Hope this helps

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