will putting lemon juice in my hair make it turn Ginger?

I have medium dark brown hair which naturally goes a bit blonde in the summer. I wanted to make it go a bit quicker. Will lemon juice make my hair go blonde or ginger?
well I tried it. Didnt go Ginger. But also didnt go blonde. I put the lemon juice in my hair and went in the hot sun for about 3 hours, no change. Am I doing something wrong?


  • nazzooyzo

    i think blonde but it would take ages plus lemon juice will dry ut your hair sooo much if you put on loads and go out in the sun. so perhaps buy a good conditioner

  • whoishow33


  • ♥TribeLover♥

    i was told it works. but u have to use freshly squeezed lemon juice and then go out in the sun for a while. at least thats what i was told, but ive never tried it myself.


    give it a try

  • ¢öµr†ñꥢößåïñ. <3

    it will lighten it up if you apply and then sit in the sun. it will not turn red!

  • confusedgirl

    no just a bit lighter

  • ♥ ~*Vanessa*~ ♥'s Gaga

    Lemon juice doesn’t even work.

    It just makes your hair knotty and ugly.
    I’m also natural blonde and it never did anything for my hair.

  • a family member of mine tried this did not work i am also a natural blonde i got almost brown in the winter due to lack of sunlight but have recently spent two weeks in gran canaria which is very sunny and i am light blonde again, like the weather in the uk at the moment will do the job no need to use lemon juice natural is the best way !!

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