What is the main ingredient of orange juice?

Plus why does the cheapest taste of salt.


  • Claire S

    Depends what juice you buy! Tropicana orange juice is 100% orange juice, so the ingredient is oranges. If you buy a juice from concentrate, they heat the life out of it, transport the smaller volume, then add water to rehydrate at the other end. Then you have to put loads of preservatives in it to make it last longer, which is another reason it tastes funny.

  • Duke75

    The main ingredient is usually water.

  • Rehan (So Emotional)

    main ingredient is Orange juice

  • Nicky♥♥

    Monkey poo!

  • the freakin' analyst

    concentrated OJ

  • bellefire016

    Main ingredient of orange juice is orange

  • Jason T

    the main ingredient is juice and then orangers 🙂

  • taxed till i die,


  • shelly lamb


  • cheri h


  • ♪♥♫ la tüa ©añtañtë ♫♥♪

    erm ORANGE

  • orange

  • katie

    If you buy expensive orange juice, the main ingredients are ORANGES. Cheap would be water

  • remowlms

    Juice of oranges…

  • uivlis_89

    the main ingriedents are water sugar orange flavour sweet powder

  • shannon w

    Because it’s made of semen.

  • I have issues


  • no_id420


  • Baps .


  • Pooooop 😀

  • Gina D

    Water……thats the main ingredient.

  • Super, thanks for asking!


  • Poshipocket xx


    Naa kidding, i’m not that stupid…..*cough*

  • Plug in Grandad

    You only have to look at sunny D to see that

  • Stoned ;)

    the main ingredient is acid !

  • Lonely Nat

    Why dont you read the back of the carton and find out?

  • gold dust

    the friut the orange

  • Glenn R

    well if fresh orange juice then 100% con /orange juice if not water 7% fruit juice sugar /sweetner and a lot of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • gtkaren

    High fructose corn syrup. It’s in everything and is just sugar, not very well disguised!

    And all this extra sugar turns turns to stored fat if we don’t burn it up.

  • howlround

    orange’s. and if i’s salty well thats your fault for getting the cheap shite isn’t it

  • delhitewonder

    Main ingredient is pulp of pine apple.

  • ♥Layla♥


  • Heaven Hill

    Sugar is the main ingredient.

    Taste like salt? That might be Fybogel, hun.

  • Dreamcatcher

    ORANGE JUICE is a pure orange puree squeezed from the fruit, so there’s no other ingredients.

    ORANGE DRINK has orange concentrate with lots of sugar and preservative.

  • Muthu S

    Vitamin- C is more.
    Salt taste is due to citric acid in it.

  • Lucky

    agent orange

  • bubber

    apples ……..

  • I Eat Grass

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  • Beaver Diva Sue

    Water – not Orange Juice !!

  • Lady_Rachelina

    Fructose and water. The fructose is very bad for you! Make your own and get one of your five a day from it – it tastes miles better!

  • queenb357

    Hello, the answer’s in the question – ORANGE JUICE!! As for the second part of the question, Ive never noticed that. I have noticed an overwhelming taste of sugar, though, as I think the juice manufacturers add sugar to the juice.

  • Flick J

    It depends if it is fresh orange then the only ingredient is oranges if it is made from concentrate the main ingredient is water. The cheap stuff sometimes have preservatives that can give it a "salty" taste

  • CLIENT "U"

    Pear juice. A little know secret…don’t blab it to anyone.

  • stephieee :P


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