What foods are high in Cholesterol?

One of my family members was just told that he has high cholesterol. The doctor just prescribed medication but is it good to also start a low cholesterol diet?

I don’t know where to find information on foods that are low or high in cholesterol.

If you have any websites that you have used or that you find that offers lots of information let me know! I need help!



  • Which Foods are Highest In Cholesterol?
    Below is a table that shows the top twenty cholesterol-rich whole foods from the USDA’s database, listed by milligrams of cholesterol per gram of food. Although dietary cholesterol is not an essential nutrient for most people, the foods richest in cholesterol have unique nutrient profiles that make them critical components of a nutrient-dense diet. In order to maintain superb health, increased energy and stamina, peak mental performance, and sexual vitality, picking some of the foods at the top of this list for daily consumption will prove to be your best weapon
    Chicken Liver5.61
    Chicken Giblets4.42
    Beef Liver3.81
    Turkey Giblets2.89
    Pork Liver Sausage1.8
    Heavy Cream1.4
    Pork Ribs1.21
    Turkey Neck1.2
    Pork Shoulder1.14
    Beef Chuck1.05
    Duck Meat0.

  • flourescentyellow21

    all fatty foods i think

  • von C

    Pretty much anything that is deep fried or fried is bad for you.

  • BabeHeart

    Simply do a search on high cholesterol foods. Sometimes high cholesterol is genetic and even someone with a good or reasonable diet will have an issue. If your family member needed to change their eating, their doctor should have told them so…although it’s never a bad idea to eat healthier. ☺

  • donna d

    eggs butter allot of red meat read the labels when you go grocery shopping.

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