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  • s.harkness

    I assume you’re talking about homemade juice. If so, there are many many benefits to it. Firstly, your body can more readily absorb the nutrients when they are in a liquid form, and when the cell wall of green vegetables is permeated by juicing, you receive the full nutritional content (all of that yummy chlorophyll that breathes life to your cells). In a liquid form, it is also easier on your digestive system. Plus, you can get your full daily allowance of fruits and vegetables (plus more) with just a few glasses of juice a day. You can sweeten your juice up with some fruit and stevia to make it easy to tolerate, which is a great way to get your greens for those of you that have trouble eating your vegetables. The only thing arguably wrong with juicing is the fiber is removed (some will say this is a good thing), however the fiber will remain in tact by making a green smoothie. I think it’s most beneficial to do a little bit of both actually.

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