natural home remedies for hiv?

I would like to know if there are any home remedies that can change a person HIV status.
what about AYURVEDA? this is a med I found on


  • rudenski


    "I just want to let you know about my experience which is a miracle. I was diagnosed with HIV March of 2001. I was really disturbed and felt I was on the losing side of evolution. I never took drugs as I didn’t have alot of money and plus didnt want to lock myself into the commitment. Well January of this year I purchased the Terminator II zapper and started using it 24 hours a day after the initial three 7×30 cycle. I changed the 9v Engerizer battery every week. After the first few days of feeling feverish I quickly recovered. After a week I stop feeling tired, the Canida cleared up, i stopped having night sweats, and felt an overall sense of well being. I continued using T2 24 hours a day for 3 months though regardless. Something about it is quite spiritially addictive IMO. After 3 months of constant 24/7 usage I finally turned it off. I let my ex-girlfriend use the zapper because she complained about stomach pains, swollen lymph and an irregular period. She followed my usage and was also relieved of all symptoms in less than 3 days and is almost finished with the 3 month cycle as well. I decided to get a blood test about a week ago and I am shocked by the results! I havent used the Terminator 2 Zapper for over 2 months yet there was not detectable trace of the HIV virus in my blood. One theory the doctor came up with was that I may have been misdiagnosed in 2001, yeah right..try telling that to my ex! Well, I feel great, I didnt change my diet or anything at all. I am cherishing my new good health!

    God Bless!"

    Lemon & Olive Oil for swollen lymph nodes

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    HIV/ACV & Hot Stuff

    "Aloe is to an AIDS patient such as insulin is to a diabetic." Terry Pulse, M.D.

  • cdsfhc2002

    No sorry, nothing modern medicine or home/natural medicine can do will cure HIV, if you have it you will have it until the day you die, follow doctors instructions and take any and all medications that he gives you as instructed and you will live a long healthy life even with the disease, good luck

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