Natural High Gym Project- Help!?

My group in health is doing a project on natural highs (what you do that makes you stay out of doing drugs) and we can’t find one that fits. Is there any good ideas out there?

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  • jbsikes

    I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking, but I know about natural highs, so I’ll just talk a little bit about that and you see if anything fits.

    A natural high is your "natural" state; and that’s not just a play on words.

    Look into most any baby’s eyes, and you will see a natural high.

    That’s how we were before the world conditioned us to worry, fret, plan, think, ponder, . . . . .

    So, my point is, your natural high is ALREADY within you, just waiting for YOU to learn how to let it out.

    Ever try to just sit with eyes closed, and feel the tinglie feeling slowly take over your body?

    The Native Americans used to teach their children to sit still and to find the pleasure in stillness.

    Another thing you can do, along these lines, is learn to meditate. I’ve been doing it for most of my life, and I can say "It’s the greatest!"

    You can also do mantra. This is where you say a word or words that have a relaxing effect on your body. I guess the most famous of these is "OM", or "Aum" as used in the Christian system ( when they say amen ).

    If you want to learn a sorta scientific way of getting to your "natural high" level ( this is the Alpha brainwave pattern level ), you can check out Jose’ Silva and his training Silva Mind Control. They will teach you to pop into Alpha in just a few seconds.

    Another mode of going to this level of a "natural high" is with auto hypnosis, where you can learn to put yourself into a hypnotic trance, in just seconds.

    Another way of getting into a "natural high" that I use, is to listen to videos of my teacher. I’ll post his link below. Try listening for a half an hour or so ( or even 5 – 15 minutes ), and then "look at" how you feel.

    This is called elevated consciousness; or in other words, a "natural high".

    Hope this helped.

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