is smoking cigarettes bad for health?

if it harms ur body why it is not banned?


  • Cornholio

    Of course it is bad for health… horribly bad!!! Not only is tobacco one of the most addictive drugs in use today (being about as addictive as heroin), tobacco is also THE single deadliest drug in use today, killing more people each year than alcohol, all other legal and illegal drugs, car crashes, AIDS, suicides and murders COMBINED. About half of all smokers will die from it, losing on average 12 years of their lives.

    The reason it isn’t banned is simply about politics and money. Any certain drug is not either banned or not banned based on health consequences (otherwise alcohol and tobacco would be illegal and cannabis would be legal). Big Tobacco is a huge multibillion dollar industry comprised of some of the US’s largest companies. This industry can (and does) spend practically unlimited amounts of money on political contributions (AKA bribes). Also, there is the fact that banning a drug that is in demand simply does not work. All that banning a drug accomplishes is driving the production, sales and distribution underground to the black market. Banning something does not reduce use of it or availability of it as we have clearly learned both from Prohibition (of alcohol) and our current drug prohibition (AKA the War on Drugs). When something is banned, people just buy and use it secretly.

  • Hannah

    yes, smoking is bad.

  • Craig K

    It is totally not bad for you. I heard this one guy say it was actually good for you. I don’t smoke because it smells like crap, makes everything I eat taste like a dried piece of ball sack, makes my heart race when I have to stand up, and gives my fingers, teeth and skin a gross yellow glow. And I feel terrible and all of my craps are like passing cinder blocks. But smoking is fine.

  • The White Queen

    Yes it is bad for your health.

    It’s not banned because it provides numerous jobs, economic boosts and is highly taxed and seeing as it has been socially accepted for decades, they leave the choice to do so or not to the poeple.

  • Dude smoking can cause lung cancer, turn your teeth yellow and makes you way older, not to mention it ca kill you, trust me one of my relatives died from smoking imagine how your family would feel if you died

  • Barcode

    Why isn’t alcohol banned.
    Why aren’t drugs banned.

    It’s the CHOICES you make in life.

    ANY of the above can cause multiple health problems & lead to an early death.

    Cigarette smoking can cause mouth, tongue, gum, lung, throat, or pancreatic cancer.
    It can also interrupt blood flow to your penis resulting in diminished libido & cause erectile dysfunction or impotence.

  • of course its bad – because they put so much chemicals and shit into it.
    and its not banned because ciggies don’t affect you the way drugs and alcohol do, and also because the government just wants to make money.

  • Ahsem

    Yes: Smoking causes lung cancer risk and many other problems.
    It is not banned because it has economic benefits and provides profit boosts.

  • tgit23

    Because if we banned everything that might cause health issues we’d all be chained within a bubble all day and be frustrated as all hell. Humans weren’t meant to live like chained-up dogs.

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