• oldtimekid2

    Herbal remedies vs other remedies is a good idea. Maybe investigate how much more beneficial herbs and natural products are instead of long-term prescriptions.
    The best topics you could choose from (that I’ve seen and read about) would be Bone health (vs osteoporosis drugs), Joint health (vs arthritis drugs), Cholesterol health (vs Cholesterol drugs), or Digestive Health (vs heartburn drugs).

    If you choose any of those topics, then research some common side effects of the drugs vs how the natural alternatives don’t have side effects, I’m sure you could really surprise some people (and I’m willing to bet some people will still be skeptical).
    My best advice with this…. list your sources (and try to use the most well-known names on the Internet) and have documentation available for the skeptics. Oh, and don’t be surprised if some people don’t believe it and/or tell you it’s wrong (just stick with your research and don’t try to debate anyone)…. some people just don’t like to believe what they don’t understand. 😉

  • hermit

    I’ve heard people use honey to treat soar throat.

    Then theres garlic for stomach upset and
    turmuric as an antibacterial.
    Pick one 🙂

  • Maud the Skivvy

    St Johns Wort and 5htp for depression versus conventional prescribed antidepressants?

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