• smilies1998

    You can feed your child carrot juice just like any other juices about 6 months or soo. Just water it down. The only juice our doctor told us to wait till one is OJ and grapefruit and that is because of the acid in the juice there stomch may not be able to handle it yet. Plus you cant really water these juices down.

  • elaeblue

    After 6 months juices can be introduced.

  • arianrhod

    after 6 months maybe watered down – why carrot juice though? What about pureed carrot as food?

  • Hesperia

    You can start after 6 months, although I would personally wait until 12 months.

    I used to mind a lovely little boy who was 16 months old, and his favorite juice was carrot, beat, celery, ginger, garlic, apple and parsley?! He would end up with a bright red chin from the beat juice dripping all over (straws are tricky as you know).

    I would make him fresh juices every day, usually apple, lettuce, carrot and some other fruit. He adored them. He didn’t eat much solid food for some unknown reason, but his mother was very happy because of all the good stuff he got in his juice!

    I would suggest juicing it yourself, as there have been quite a few botulism scares with carrot juice (and other flash pasturized juices) lately.

  • I’d say from the start of weaning at around 6 months. Why would you want to give it though? Giving sweet juices is bad for the teeth and encourages the baby to like sweet drinks instead of water. Also – too much carrot gives the baby an orange skin colour (caused by carotene – not harmful, but looks odd)
    I think its much better to avoid all juices and to give fruit as a puree. Also, children given sugary drinks (and fruit/carrot juice is sugary even though it’s got no extra sugar added) might not eat as much real food as they’re getting calories from the juice.

  • mommy25kilbys

    6 months

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