Is orange juice that you juice yourself good for you?

Not the crap you buy in the store, I mean just buy a bag of oranges, one of those plastic juicing devices, and juice the oranges. And drink the juice. I do this a lot but it takes quite a few oranges to get a big glass.


  • Sure. It’s probably at least as good as the stuff you get in the stores. The commercial juice probably has at least some preservatives and sugar added to it.

    It would be even better, though, if you just ate the orange. You’ll get all the nutrition in the juice, plus the fiber and so forth from the orange, too.

  • James

    Not as good as the actual orange. The juice has less fiber and all the vitamins and minerals are in the flesh.

  • David

    just eat the range. you get more health benefits that way.

  • tennislover

    sure it is.. more pure more natural
    no added preservatives or sugars
    probably much better for u
    u can also get creative with it an make more

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