Is my cholesterol bad ?

i just got my results from my blood test today and my cholesterol i 173 is that bad. i am 17 years old very athletic if i don’t have school (which i go by bike) i am either playing sports or working out i even have a 6 pack and in good shape. i do eat junk food i am a addicted to it. can someone give me more info, like its side effect, symptoms etc. thank you


  • Christy SD Nurse

    Cholesterol should be under 200, you are fine. There are no symptoms of having a high cholesterol, that is why it is so dangerous.

  • monicalei

    Its usually considered high if you are over 200, so a dr would tell you that you are fine. I would tell you that you are fine, but you are young and now is the time you will create good and bad habits which will later influence your cholesterol and other factors that contribute to heart disease.

    You exercise, which is great. You eat junk food, which is bad and very likely to influence your cholesterol later in life. If you want to be healthier, which is more than just looking good, then you can try to cut back on the junk food. a little less each day. if you usually have a bag of chips before lunch, try to have an apple or something that you like that may be better for you. keep that up for a week then cut something else out. or figure out something that works for you. I am not saying to cut it all out, just some. and little by little, so it doesn’t become a worse habit.

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